The slowest dance – by Estrella Azul

He asks me to dance,
grasps my shy hand in his,
leads me to the dance floor.

Firmly holds me close,
although we’ve just met,
swaying to the slow-beat song.

I gaze into his eyes,
step closer, ever so slowly,
draping my hands on his shoulders.

He caresses my hair,
envelopes me in gentle kisses,
as the distance left between us fades.

Movement is minimal,
desire fills us both,
all the walls crumble.

My heart is wide open,
throughout the slowest dance,
the music ends.

His embrace never dissolves, 
as we keep the rhythm until dawn,
even without audible melody.

17 Comments to “The slowest dance – by Estrella Azul”

  1. Very sweet, yet sexy at the same time.

  2. ive done one myself like this romantic ones are lovely to write. nice poem.
    from kevin

  3. Lovely Estrella. I could feel the music or lack of it in this one.

  4. Nice :-). Simple, yet picturesque. Draws you in making you remember dances gone by, and dreams of future encounters.

    • Thank you, Kenneth! I love how you phrased your comment – I started writing this after remembering a slow dance but could picture future encounters as I wrote :-)

  5. Beautiful, Estrella! Simple, yet elegant. I envisioned everything!

  6. A-hah! So you have been dancing in the moonlight! ;-)

  7. This is absolutely beautiful Estrella! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  8. I liked your poem, dances (and other things) are like that ;)

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