Visual of my past few weeks

I went for walks and found these little guys.

page snails

  I’ve been taking guitar lessons. Love it! (Huge thank you to my wonderful friend, C!)

page learning guitar

Since I won’t even get near a beach this year, I crafted a few wall hangings to make up for it.

page sea motif wall hangings

My plants really like the new windows throughout the house. Two of these I’ve had for around 5-6 years now and they’ve never bloomed before.

page flowers in our window

Actually I wasn’t even aware the Sansevieria Trifasciata was supposed to bloom if kept indoors. It’s so pretty, and has a heavenly scent.

page sansevieria

I just had to go outside and take a few photos. (Kitties assisted. They looked pretty confused, as if asking: “Why in the world are you taking Moon pics at 3:40AM?”)

page waxing gubous moon


5 Responses to “Visual of my past few weeks”

  1. Some great photos! I really like the snails and moon. Have fun with the guitar lessons! :)

  2. A feast for the eyes, a feast for the ears, and a feast for — never mind… you can keep the snails. ;-)

    Nice shots!


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