Recipe of the month: No-bake Yogurt Cake

It’s the middle of August. It’s warm. Very much so! Here’s a no-bake cake for those days when turning on the oven just isn’t appealing. Plus, it’s absolutely delicious!

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No-bake Yogurt Cake

300 ml fruity yogurt (I used peach yogurt)
500 ml cream
2 tablespoons gelatin
sponge cake
1 dl water
fruits same as/close to the yogurt flavor (I used nectarines)

Stir the gelatin in 1 dl cold water. Leave aside for a few minutes to become a hard jello.

Gently stir the yogurt and the fruit (chopped up) into the cream and mix it for about a minute on “low”.

Melt the jello (don’t boil!) over steam-bath. Then add it into the yogurt, fruit and cream mixture. 

Add readily-bought sponge cake into a baking pan (or leave it in the pan if you baked one), soften the sponge cake with a sweet syrup, then fill up the pan with the ready yogurt mixture.

Refrigerate well right until before serving!


11 Comments to “Recipe of the month: No-bake Yogurt Cake”

  1. Oh, Estrella – this sounds so light, fresh and delicious! Perfect for a hot day!

  2. good, easy, and has peaches… love it! will have to try it soon.

  3. hmmm, I have never heard of anything like that before. a bit like trifle and yes, with peaches – sounds like a weekend experiment.

  4. Oh this sounds sooo good, and easy too :) Thanks!

  5. I want to try this with raspberry :) Thanks!

  6. That’s so easy, thank you for the recipe.

  7. This versatile cake is a snap to make and perfect to serve with a mound of juicy fresh berries on top! Thanks :)

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