Good Deeds & Grand Gestures

“People do good deeds for many reasons, but sometimes good deeds have bad consequences. Correcting a colleague’s mistake could breed resentment. Opening one’s home to a friend can damage that friendship. Trying to bring a spouse closer might push her further away. That’s why there’s an old expression about helping people – No good deed goes unpunished.

Good deeds aren’t always done for the purest of reasons. We may be trying to impress. We may be acting out of guilt. We may be expecting something in return, but occasionally a good deed comes straight from the heart.”

This is the quote that kept popping up in my mind as I thought of grand gestures lately.

August was the month of grand gestures in the Plan for j’s Love Project. “To be honest, I don’t know exactly what I mean by that, but I think it’s about leaping when you’re scared, loving big, loving more, showing your heart in spectacularly real and enormous ways. I think it’s whatever you say it is, because not everyone’s “grand” looks the same, and thank goodness for that.” j herself said that (this is still her definition now, further elaborated). And I tend to agree.

A grand gesture. I think it’s about doing simple (or sometimes even seemingly small) things like:
Giving my heart even though I knew it will get broken.
Sharing and possibly helping other writers with my guest post.
Helping until my hands hurt and even beyond so everything will get done – then doing the dishes too afterwards.
Not moving for an hour and a half because my cat is finally asleep in my lap.
Going out (when I’d rather stay at home) to take the cat to the vet, and then to keep my friend company.
Walking all over town to find an African Violet just like mine that my grandmother loves the color of so much.
Going to the Torda Salt Mine with my mom to make sure she does something fun too during her holiday.
Traveling to Bonchida to watch a friend dance on stage at the Castle Days Festival event (and to make sure my mom goes on another little trip). 
(Offering to, and) Photographing a father hugging his daughter in her wheelchair so they’d have a picture where they are together.
Taking pictures of someone whose camera was broken so he’d have a few moments of his visit to Romania captured on film. And keeping him company that day, because he was alone on a long trip away from home (Canada).
Offering a gift certificate I won to a friend who was able to use it so much better than I would’ve been able to.
Sending pics to friends along with hugs and kisses, just because I thought of them.   

Something done straight from the heart.
I think many things qualify as grand gestures if we keep that in consideration.


14 Comments to “Good Deeds & Grand Gestures”

  1. I think anything that helps others and makes them smile counts as a grand gesture! :)

  2. I agree. You’ve got grand covered, beautiful.

  3. hey, I was one of the friends who got pictures and kisses this week….. *feels extra extra special* …. I always feel like you give the extra mile. You’re a lovely person estrella, and I’m sooooooooooo happy that you’re in my life and in my heart.

    PS: I’ve linked back to a grand gesture done just for me. *BIG smile*

    • You should feel extra extra special (all the time!), cause you are (an infinity of) extra special, honey! I love how the simple gestures I rarely consider “grand” turn out to be exactly that for the recipients of my little tokens of affection. *blush* Thank you!
      I feel extra extra special to be in your life and in your heart, honey!

      PS: *smiles back* it made me the happiest person alive that you loved that gesture (and gifts) so much – and your (unexpected) post about it felt like one of the grandest gestures of appreciation!

  4. Lovely post. I’m a firm believer in small miracles. What may be the simplest of things to you could truly be a grand gesture to another…

  5. I absolutely loved that you did not move because your cat was asleep in your lap. I would do anything if my cat WOULD sleep in my lap. She’s a “Fraidy Cat” and will rest near, but not on, me. I still give her lots of love, and she’s a very lucky little kitty.

    You have so much insight. Sometimes I read you and think I don’t really “think” at all. Maybe that is because of my age. I have so little left to really think about. I just “do” things. Make things. Pass my time. Where does introspection go as we age? Perhaps we are boring ourselves to death.

    That’s a joke, by the way. You, on the other hand, are for real. Deep and thoughtful. Kind and full of life. Willing and fearless. I wish this was a better world for you. Patsye

    • There are so few times this cat (from the three we have) sleeps in my lap, plus he was sick that day and so I wouldn’t have dreamt of moving before he got enough rest.

      Thank you for your wonderful words, Patsye, it felt wonderful reading them and seeing myself through your eyes. Sometimes we need that more than we think we do. (Good joke by the way, I laughed aloud when I read it) I wish it was a better world for me too, but I’m striving to make it as good as I’m able to. *hugs*

  6. Wow… you actually did a good deed writing this post. It made me smile :). Thank you.

  7. Estrella, my grandmother, (who passed away at Christmas, 1990), loved African violets. Now, every time I see one, I picture those she kept on her kitchen windowsill. I used to grow them in the home we had before this one, and they actually did quite well, but nothing seems to grow in this house…

    The “no good deed goes unpunished” reminds me of the time I went to the bank and saw they had created a sign on a whiteboard trying to encourage customers to open an account; the sign read, (in part): “Don’t know what to do with your lose change?” I couldn’t help myself, I told one of the clerks it should be “loose” instead of “lose”, explaining that I’d hate for them to be embarrassed. But after I left, I felt guilty for pointing that out, and wondered if that clerk thought I may have been snooty. Ah, well….

    This is a great post that should (does) remind us all to keep on giving. Thanks so much!

    • It’s funny how some plants do that, hate certain houses, while other plants love it anywhere. I have pics of my African Violets a few posts back where I talked about how much all of our plants love our new windows.

      Thanks for sharing that funny story, typos in public places tend to be such an eye-sore, I completely get why you pointed it out. If they were thinking you were snooty, their problem, just like looking bad in front of potential customers who might have wondered “why should I open an account in a place where people don’t even know how to spell ‘loose change’?” I think you did the right thing.

      Glad you liked my short post, Deanna, thank you for letting me know. It’s always a pleasure to have you over!

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