Two thoughts

Two things I’ve been thinking about…


“You’re an exception.” – people will say to someone.
Exceptions are often looked at as being smug for talking about that poem of theirs being published in an online magazine (which “doesn’t even pay”), looked at as failures for not having a 9-17 job that brings in the big $, or looked at as unsuccessful for being a simple freelancer who doesn’t seem to care about having free time or going out with friends every night.
Usually people tend to overlook that being an exception is one of the best things one could be.
~ prompted by Annie Q. Syed’s Still Sundays post

When inspiration strikes, it always comes from deep within. Fiction or nonfiction, poem, essay or blog post. At their core, they always have something I’m passionate, curious or anxious about.
I can’t write something I don’t feel anything for.
Just like a love story I guess, some sparks need to be there in order for me to know which one is the right story to pursue.
~ prompted by j’s Rejection like snow

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8 Responses to “Two thoughts”

  1. Being an exception means you are unique – and what is better than that? In my opinion, unique is better than cookie-cutter sameness. :)

  2. Nicely said! Being the exception to the rule doesn’t bother me a bit! My favorite was the second…and it’s amazing when inspiration actually strikes!

  3. I agree with the others. We certainly don’t want to all be the same! We’d be like robots if that happened. And I noticed something I found so interesting, fun, unique, different…..the way you said the time you work….9 to 17. Here in the US, we say 9 to 5. We don’t use what we call military time! Have you ever seen that (fairly) old movie called 9 to 5? It’s pretty funny!! Have a wonderful rest of the week, Estrella!

    • Robots don’t sound as much fun as real life unique people do, don’t they?

      I actually noticed that I wrote 9-17 instead of 9-5, but now after your comment, I won’t correct it ;)
      Here in Romania, we don’t use AM and PM, so we mostly use military time to refer to the certain time of day – which is how I managed to overlook that, although I’m pretty good at using American time since I started blogging.

      Another thing we use differently are punctuation outside of quotation marks. I keep reading on writerly websites how that’s incorrect, but then get all flustered when I try to focus on not using them the European way…

  4. Hi Estrella! I’ve never noticed the quotation marks…maybe I do them incorrectly, too! :)


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