Upcycling – Vintage looking candle holders

I set aside this copper cup and plate from when we had the new counter made a couple of months ago (during the massive de-cluttering session following that) when we decided what goes to charity and what stays. They looked pretty ancient (and completely useless for drinking out of).
I also found a cup and plate that used to be from a set, but I have no idea where the rest of them are (probably got broken over the years).

So I figured I’d better hold on to them and see if I can come up with something interesting.

And what do you know? I did come up with something ;)


Vintage looking candle holders

old (looking) cup and plate – I used copper and porcelain ones
hot glue
glass candle holder (optional)

Glue your cup to the plate with hot glue.

Optionally add a glass candle holder (I had at one at home so added it since it was the perfect size for the copper cup)

Add a candle that you like best and voilá – you have your own vintage looking candle holders.

I still have a couple of ideas for making candle holders out of stuff laying around the house, so stay tuned ;)


10 Responses to “Upcycling – Vintage looking candle holders”

  1. This is a great way to use the single, beautiful dishes I often find at the thrift store.

  2. You’re a genius! It’s confirmed. Patsye

  3. I really like the top one and the idea of UPcycling is pretty darn cool.

  4. You are way too creative with the things you find :-)

  5. Thank you guys, it’s fun to share my creativity with all of you!

  6. The blue and red really compliment each other in the latter.

  7. Great idea you had, these look so great and especially how easy to make.

  8. I’d give this A+ if it was for grading. Very nice!


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