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2011, October 5

Wine glass candle holder

Last time, I talked about creating Vintage looking candle holders. Now, let’s try that with wine glasses.

Do you have sets of wine glasses that are missing a piece? Get the numbers even again by using the extra glass for a project.

Here’s how you can make a candle holder out of it.


Wine glass candle holder

wine glass
decorations of your own choice

Cut a round piece of cardstock that’s about half a centimeter bigger than the circumference around the rim of the glass. Place the glass upside down in the middle of your cardstock and draw around that circumference with a pencil.

Glue your choice of decoration onto the cardstock inside the line. You can use so many different decorations like artificial flowers and leafs, seashells, pebbles, pine cones, ribbons, small toys, etc. (I LOVE the variety this provides!)

Glue the glass onto the cardstock making sure all the decorations are within the interior of the glass.

Place a candle on top of the glass’ foot and you’re all done :)

*if you use different sizes and shapes of glasses, the effect is even more interesting when you use them all together as centerpieces*

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