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2011, October 9

Recipe of the month: Red Peppers Paste

It’s no news that I love cooking and baking. Well, one of the ingredients I love to use whenever possible is a pepper paste. Here’s how to prepare it.

 page red peppers paste

Red Peppers Paste

Red Lipstick peppers
Pimento peppers

Wash all the ripe red peppers well, cut out the pith, seeds and stem, then ground them all together with a meat mincer. Stir well.

Measure your grounded peppers and add 20 grams of salt per 1 kg of peppers. Stir very well and fill up jars of your choice with the resulted paste.

This red pepper paste can be used throughout the year to flavor pretty much anything from different kinds of meat to pizza. Only be careful because when adding this paste, less salt will be required than you’d normally add to the recipe.

(If you’d like this spicy, you can also add some Jalapeno peppers into the mix.)

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