In lieu of a love letter

Life’s a Stage won a few awards this year and I’m sooo late in properly acknowledging them. Again. I know. Sorry about that!

That doesn’t mean I wasn’t (and still am!) excited to be considered worthy of them, so I’ll finally take a minute to thank Mari and Patsye for loving me and my blog!

Starting off with the most overdue award (oh my gosh, how did February turn into October like that?!), I’m so grateful to have received these pretty flowers from Mari.
Thank you, Mari!


I’m sending them on to:

  1. Patsye, at Whimseytopia for her warm friendship and wonderfully crafty blog which I fell in love with from the first visit.
  2. Becky Sain, at First pages – for continuously inspiring me with her lovely writing; no matter when I happen to drop by her place.
  3. Cindy Fasset, at Wings and Arrows – for always trying to be present and choosing a road to learn all about Love; and then sharing.

And last, but not least, one of the best surprises these past few weeks (I’m only two weeks late on this one. Right?), the Crow Worthy Award, which came from Patsye as a way to say thank you, she likes me, and she hopes I keep writing my wonderful posts.
Thank You, Patsye, you have truly touched my heart!


I’ll pass along this award to a few people I would like to recognize with the following words:

* I have enjoyed your blog and want to say thank you.
* Your photographs and writing have brought me great joy.
* I have subscribed to your blog and will recommend you to others.
* I believe you exemplify the spirit of blogging and what it means to share.

  1. Mari, at Mari’s Randomities
  2. Kenneth Hopkins, at Kid Stuph
  3. Trisha, at Tabula Rasa’s Space

Thank you again! :)

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