A newer (forgotten) list of firsts

I visited Paris in March. I walked a lot. Quite a few attractions attracted me. I made lists. And then I completely forgot about posting this one. Good thing I flipped through and found it in my notebook before throwing it away.

More firsts, over a weekend:

1. visiting Paris, France
2. traveling all on my own, by plane
3. staying in a hotel (plus some other things I won’t disclose about my stay in said hotel room ;) )
4. finding my way to/in Paris (metro ride/walking the streets/bus ride) alone
5. being mistaken for a French chick
6. French food
7. going internet-less for a full four days (okay, except for those fifteen minutes of cheating when I checked my e-mails and quickly typed a blog post)
8. blogging from Paris
9. jotting down ideas for poems about the city I came to love

Not a bad list I guess. Not at all ;)





PS: I’ve been listening to this song all day long for the past week. Guess it shows how much I love this cover of “Someone like you” by Luke Conard, Alex Goot and Chad Sugg.

12 Comments to “A newer (forgotten) list of firsts”

  1. That is a fantastic list! Not many people can add “Went to Paris” on their life lists. :)

  2. You’re teasing us Estrella ;-) so how are we supposed to look at your list and not wonder what this other things are?
    The list is a wonderfuul list of firsts… Inspires me to experience some first of my own

    *hugs* (not the first, yet anticipating the first :-) )

    • You’re a writer, Kenneth, start imagining something that could fit that part of the list ;) (just know my blog is G rated :P)
      I’m glad to inspire you to experience some firsts of your own. I’ve been trying to do that ever since I visited my friend in Hungary last summer and am having an awesome time all the while.


  3. If someone mistook you for a French chic, then you must be beautiful. I think French women are gorgeous. I’ve spent some time in France, and I think it’s not just their look, but the way they carry themselves. I’m an American who loves the French. Patsye

    • *blush* you left me speechless, Patsye, thank you :)
      Actually it was my correct pronunciation of the street name the hotel was on (which I was sure I should’ve been on already) that gave this lady I asked the impression that I might be French. She was so cute when she started talking really fast in French and I looked at her all puzzled. She then switched to English and was really helpful. Turns out I just had to head straight ahead and the street name would change.

  4. That’s a terrific list…I’m glad you had so many fond memories!

  5. I *love* this list! I’m jealous of this list! (good kind of jealous). I loved “being mistaken for a French chick” and “blogging from Paris.” Talk about the height of cool. :)

    And what better reason to go Internet-less for so long . . . because you’re too busy walking through Paris? Two thumbs up!

    P.S. Great song. I’m playing it right now.

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