This month, Love comes in the form of letters

I already took a step toward the month of love letters by finishing up handmade/handwritten cards in September and sending out not fewer than fourteen letters to some of the people I love all around the world (Hungary, Australia, Brazil and the US) on October 1st.

I’m not sure how snail mail got on the back burner. But this month I’ve sent more letters than I have in the last four years. I’ve never turned up at the post office with a stack of envelopes as massive as the one below in photo I took of them.


I felt terribly guilty about not being able to reciprocate sooner some of the love I’ve received at the end of last year and during 2011. Things somehow didn’t fall in place until now. But finishing up all those letters and sending them felt nothing short of amazing!

And you know what? The best part of sending these love letters and small tokens of my affection are actually the responses I got/will probably get. 

By today, I already got six e-mails/FB messages/Twitter DMs and mentions, thanking me for the little surprise to people’s days. (twelve, by October 31st) 

I’ll definitely be sending more snail mail from now on :)


PS: For part two, join me here next Monday

9 Responses to “This month, Love comes in the form of letters”

  1. Wow! I didn’t know you sent out so many, Estrella. That’s awesome. A few months ago, I started getting back into snail mail again, too, but then kind of got behind on it. I’m going to try better again now, because you’ve inspired me! :)

  2. That reminds me, I have a letter to write too! :)

  3. feeling special that I am in your list ;-)

    There is something special about snail mail (for someone who hates writing without a keyboard, I do appreciate the craft of actually writing a letter).

    • I’m feeling all special to receive a reply (still awaiting it excitedly) ;)
      I discovered just that about handwriting a letter and making a gift with a certain someone in mind. There’s something very special about it. (and I hear you on the hating other forms of writing if they’re not on keyboards) :P

  4. Love holding little pieces of your heart in my hand.

    Thank you my sweet.


    • That would be such an interesting sentence if read out of context :P
      But thanks honey, you’re a sweetheart for saying so and it makes me so happy that you loved your love letter and gifts! *all excited* xoxo


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