Five things you won’t find me blogging about

I haven’t officially signed up for WordPress’ PostAWeek or PostADay, but have The DailyPost in my Google Reader for inspiration. I jotted down quite a few ideas over the past months for future blog posts.

Today, I’ll use the following: Make a list of 5 things you’re afraid to write about.
Now, it’s not really that I’m afraid per se to write about these topics. I don’t really have an issue with discussing them in person with someone. 
Quite frankly, it’s just easier for me not to write about:

  1. Religion – We used to go to church every single Sunday for years, until I turned 17-18 and found how even a man of God can be characterized by malice. “broken from the weight of too many endings”, I’ve been struggling with redefining religion. Judy Clement Wall’s poem was the exact thing I needed to read.
  2. Politics, economy, world “news” – This world is quite big. I figure I have enough on my own plate to start blogging about these things. 
  3. Sex – Even if at times some of my poetry could be considered sexy.
  4. Poop, periods and other similar topics
  5. Conspiracy theories – ‘nuff said already.

How about you? Any topics you feel better avoiding? 


15 Comments to “Five things you won’t find me blogging about”

  1. I agree with you on this one!Some things are just better left unsaid (or unwritten)!

  2. I avoid blogging about my criminal activities. Breaking that rule is what led to my original 5-7 year absence from blogging.

  3. Those are good things to avoid. I’m strictly a food blogger, so I’m not very controversial…..

  4. That’s a good question… In general, I don’t blog about “the popular thing out” – whatever everyone is talking about is the thing that I refrain from… too much of a glut of information.

    I also refrain from my deep internal struggles… I reserve those for close friends I can trust with the information

    Other than that, I’m pretty free :-)… (then again, I don’t write on a ton of stuph, so I think I’m safe, hee hee)

  5. I work the edge of some of these but do try to stay away politically. Poop? Well, yes. I have done a post on Poop before.

  6. Estrella, I could’ve nearly written this post myself – word for word, except for Judy Clement Walls’s poem. And thank you so much for sharing that with us – it’s exactly how I feel about religion. It sounds like you and I would have a lot to talk about on this topic as I believe I’m in the same sort of situation (internally) that you are. I did recently write what was intended to be a memoir for a contest, about my feelings on religion, but after I reached twenty pages, (well over the word limit), and was nowhere near finished I realized I wasn’t writing it for a contest but instead to explore the depth of my feelings on the subject. I was surprised at myself for even thinking about sharing those words with anyone publicly…at least for now.
    I too get the Daily Post in my reader for the same reason as you – to find inspiration – but rarely do I blog on the topics provided, though often I do write about them.
    Great “no post”! :)

    • j’s an awesome writer, I love her so much. And that poem spoke to me like nothing about religion (I think ever) has. Also, I know what you mean, Deanna. Quite often I find myself writing about something from an idea and in the middle of it notice how it’s really for me that I’m spending that much time on it.
      Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I’ll reciprocate as soon as possible :)

  7. Yep, your list pretty much covers it. Though I have, at times, pondered starting a spiritual blog. I don’t belong to a particular faith – my spirituality is more about exploring what I’m ready to believe – and my explorations have gone far and wide. But I think I’ve passed the stage of wanting to blog about it. I kind of got saturated and needed to step away from my own explorations. (Besides, egad, I have too many blogs already!)

    xo ~ Milli

    • If you keep blogging like this and open a blog for everything you’d be so great at blogging about, you’d take over my blogroll, Milli :)
      I loved to read your comment, thank you so much for sharing!

  8. I’m thinking about avoiding whining on my blog. But now that I’ve started querying for agents, I might re-think that.

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