Some Love letters won’t be sent

This month was dedicated to love letters. Last Monday, in part one of this post, I talked about the snail mail I sent. I wrote some love letters to my friends all over the world, to friends who live in the same city as I do, to a (slowly becoming more and more) special person in my life. I’ve sent all of these.

However, not all of my love letters were/nor will be sent.

In May, I wrote a love letter to myself, and it just kept on going from there. More recently, I thanked bloggy awards. I posted a poem in memory of my uncle; it truly was the longest of farewells. I wrote love letters to my laptop and notebook, to a rose, to my bookshelf, to a particular leaf I felt the urge to pick up (and make something pretty and commemorative with once it dries), to someone who used to be a part of my life, to someone who died, and to someone who came into my life for a reason yet unfortunately only a season.

And now, since this won’t get sent either, I’ll share a love letter I wrote to Autumn (and some of the pretty pics I took in the past few weeks).

autumn light flower love collage

Dear Autumn,

I love your light. And I love your colors. I love the warm, golden leaves’ long shadows on the sidewalks. Walking on the streets, in parks, with leafs crunching under our feet and the smell of Chrysanthemums and chestnuts is lovely.

My red hair sometimes resembles the color of chestnuts. When I was little I liked that comparison the most, because I could envision dozens of chestnuts rolling in each strand. I now always anxiously await your arrival and chestnuts season for this reason.

Meeting friends for dinner at one of the terraces we love, with wooden tables, wrought iron railings and flowers flowing from window frames, I can’t help but look around and think of how clear, how peaceful and tranquil everything is. Your wealth is not measured in money, but in smiles and happiness.

So hold on to us, Autumn, we still have to gather so many of your fruits!

~ Estrella

14 Responses to “Some Love letters won’t be sent”

  1. Why is it we ALL love autumn? It’s almost universal, don’t you think? It can’t just be the colors because the trees fade so quickly. It can’t be just the cool air, finally, because here in Florida the weather just gets better until February. It can’t just be all those yummy pies, and preserves, and holiday meals. Or can it? I love fall because it’s got Halloween, my favorite all-time holiday.

    • I love your comment, Patsye! Even more so, because you’re someone who loves Autumn, while so many people around me only seem to be complaining about everything this wonderful season has to offer (I’m not saying I actually like to carry my big ass umbrella with when it won’t even rain, but…)

  2. Sweet! I love the image of chestnuts rolling through your strands. Big smile.

  3. Estrella, your photos are so pretty! And so is the letter to go with it. You described in a visceral way what I was seeing and hearing and feeling as I walked in the park this morning.

    I love the idea of meeting friends for dinner on a terrace with wooden tables, wrought iron railings and flowers flowing from window frames! I hope I can meet you someday on a terrace like that one.

    This was precious: “Your wealth is not measured in money, but in smiles and happiness.”

    ~ Milli

    • Thanks, Milli, it fills me with such joy that you could relate to what I wrote so deeply.
      And of course, I too, hope to meet you on a terrace like that someday soon! *hugs*

  4. What a lovely letter to autumn. Your pictures are stunning and your descriptions are pure poetry…

  5. Beautiful Pictures ,and Blog too thanks for sharing,,jake


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