Upcycling to Fridge magnet

We had this older wooden spoon we hardly ever used any more. It looked dreadful and my mom was about to throw it away before I stopped her.

I knew exactly how I could turn it into something pretty and decorative!


Wooden spoon up cycled to fridge magnet

wooden spoon
glue napkins or transfer paper

First paint your wooden spoon with a base color of your choice

Then use the decoupage technique to add some kitchen (or which ever desired) motifs

Finish it off by gluing a magnet to its back and optionally add a ribbon

Place on refrigerator, microwave oven, etc.


12 Responses to “Upcycling to Fridge magnet”

  1. How fun! I would imagine you could do this with all kinds of utensils that are worn.

  2. Very cute…and recycling at it’s finest! I actually have some wooden spoons on my christmas tree that are decorated…

    • Thanks, Ann. And special thanks for the Christmas decoration idea, not bad at all, wonder why I haven’t thought of that before :P (although fall is on my mind right now, haven’t really given Christmas any creative thinking just yet) ;)

  3. Very cute and I would love to copy you, but I have one of those damn stainless steel ice-boxes that won’t hold a magnet and instead shows EVERY fingerprint from everyone within twenty yards.

    But this is adorable, and Janel is right. You could use any utensil that’s headed to the trash. Thanks for sharing. Patsye

  4. Great Stuff my kids love it :)

  5. I used to make these when I was younger!

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