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2011, November 2

Zooming in on travel, gratitude and gifts

Long time no travel writing, right? I’ve been a bit under the weather writing-wise, but let’s fix that right now as my newest travel article is up for your viewing pleasure on Milliver’s Travels.

I am giving Smart Tips for Your First Time in Paris, so feel free to drop by and let me know what you think. Even if you will not visit Paris any time soon, it is timeless info.

Oh, and for a cookie, I suggest you leave me a comment while you’re over there ;)


Speaking of photos.

Yesterday I read this blog post over at Positively Present and felt immediately inspired. It’s a 30 day photo challenge with the theme ‘Gratitude’.
You already know how much I love taking pictures, so I’m thinking this awesome way to stay present will also go so well with November being the month of Gifts in the Love Project.
To take part, I downloaded the .pdf document to my phone, so I’ll have the list with me at all times and I’ve already set up a
Facebook album with the photo from Day 1. To share with you as the month progresses, I’ll link to the album again later on.

This challenge couldn’t have come at a better moment to give me a nudge towards taking more photos, as I was just thinking that I’m not taking nearly enough of them lately.

Time to add my camera as a permanent fixture of my backpack’s contents again ;)

Anyone else feel like joining this photo challenge?


PS: you have to be my friend on FB in order to see the album, but I’ll probably make a collage of these at the end of the month to have all the pics on my blog as well.

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