Tastes like…

I like Mint tea.

It tastes like dry hay, like grandparents’ pantries full of strawberry and raspberry jam jars. It tastes like "get well soon". Like stomach pain and stuffy nose.

It tastes like I’m good and warm and I could fall asleep smiling. It tastes like the filtered light of trees on a summer afternoon. Like marshmallows, toast, and honey.

It tastes like like seeing snow from behind steamed windows. It tastes like holidays. Like thick gloves, multicolored scarves and frozen noses…

What does your tea (or coffee, or other favorite hot beverage) taste like?

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8 Comments to “Tastes like…”

  1. Wow! That is SOME kind of tea. I think I need to try some of it! :)
    I’ll have to think about my coffee and tea, and what they taste like…I’ll get back to you later!

  2. I love mint tea too! I’ll have to send you a few of the blends I have, like mint/chamomile. :)

  3. I loved your writing here! So sensual and evocative. I hadn’t thought about it before in this way, but you’re right. Mint tea *does* tastes like these things!

    I’m so jealous. I wish I’d written this :~)

  4. What a lovely description! I honestly enjoy diet sodas! They taste like sunshine and playing with my puppy, and long conversations in a corner booth with my husband. Thanks for such a great post and letting me see an old favorite drink in a new way!

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