During the month of gifts

I had a jump start on the month of gifts. In October, along with my love letters I attached/sent some small tokens of my affection.
But this post isn’t about my covering all the bases in one “hit” ;)
This post is about how during the month of gifts:

– I (re)noticed how the gifts that matter most, are the seemingly unnoticeable ones, the unseen, the ones we don’t consider as tangible gifts.
Like the gift of spending time with someone, truly listening, being grateful and showing it, going shopping though you dislike it and not rolling your eyes when it takes longer than anticipated, showing up, a compliment, understanding.
Like the gift of a touch, a smile, holding a door open, not bothering even though you’d like attention (leaving someone to just be and write), offering to help, a hug, a kiss just because, a shoulder to cry on, being there. 

– I also noticed how acting, immediately if possible, on my loving impulses brings more joy and gives me an invaluable gift as well as to the ones I surprise.

– I loved and am so grateful to have been able to be on the gift giving end, and am thrilled being on the receiving end of the thank you notes I got/get back.

Yes, Love is a gift that keeps giving <3


9 Responses to “During the month of gifts”

  1. Wonderful Estrella. Your Thanksgiving day note was very special!
    You are a really wonderful person.

  2. Some of the greatest gifts don’t cost a thing, except a bit of thought and some time. Happy Holidays, Estrella!

  3. Giving someone the gift of space. That’s one a lot of folks overlook. We all need alone time to refresh the spirit.


  4. and this, I love, Estrella. You are so right in your description of the best gifts. (I probably have more to write, but since I keep changing timezones, my mind is a bit shot)

    hugs & more :-)


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