Estrella’s ~ Seasonal Photo Challenge ~

This post is pretty much the transcript of my thoughts (only, you know, in a slightly more orderly fashion by now) regarding something that is very new to me, but also something I feel compelled to try.

gratitude photo challenge

I liked the Positively Present’s 30 day photo challenge so much in November 2011, that even as I snapped pics of different things on Dani’s list, I kept thinking of starting a photo challenge of my own. So… here it goes:

To make it more manageable because I found that in some cases I needed more time to take the desired photo, and because taking daily photos of one certain thing is, well, a little bit too challenging, I’ve decided on:
a 10 day monthly challenge which will add up to a 30 day seasonal challenge.
Each season will he divided into its pertaining months which will have in turn one theme and ten suggestions.

For now, let’s focus on the month ahead and I’ll update you by the end of December with a more elaborated plan for the rest of Winter, and then the rest of the seasons.
On this page right here, you’ll be able to check for the upcoming themes/suggestions, updates and more information at any given time in the future.

Now let’s leap into:

Winter December

Winter: “In the Holiday Spirit” December

Holidays, they remind us of the way we should act each day, but don’t. Let’s get into the holiday spirit and appreciate more the beauty all around us throughout December.

  • Christmas tree
  • Santa’s workshop and/or gifts
  • Carols, bells, angels
  • Home decorations
  • Love
  • Christmas tree ornaments
  • Favorite holiday food and/or drink; festive dinner table
  • City decorations
  • Walk photo (go for a walk and take a picture of what ever catches your attention most: the view, the path, a leaf, shop window, etc.)
  • Fireworks (even if New Years is technically a new month)

If you’re in need of extra suggestions:

  • Santa, Sleigh, Season’s motif dishes, Ribbon, Candles, Children playing/unwrapping gifts/etc.

To start things off, I’ve added this month’s logo to this Estrella’s Seasonal Photo Challenge Facebook album which I will update at the beginning of January before blogging about what my photo challenge in December looked like.

Hope you’ll be interested in this quest of capturing the world on camera, the seasons around you, appreciating the little things we might miss. Hope you’ll be eager to sometimes be or at least act fearless and snap photos when you wouldn’t, to embrace present-ness.
And I hope you’ll enjoy the challenge as much as I enjoyed the one I did this past month.

I suppose I’m getting better at leaping and trusting that the net will appear. Will you jump (and take photos) with me?


A few other things to know about the challenge:

  • Snap photos when you have time to, don’t get stuck on this being a 10 day monthly challenge. Either you take all the pictures in one single day, stretch them out throughout the month, or shoot them ten days in a row – it’s all acceptable. The point is to have fun with it!
  • Take the photos any which way you want to, no need for fancy cameras or anything of that sort.
  • Feel free to join in when ever you want to
  • You don’t need to be a photographer or even all that interested in photos to participate. You do need to be ready to become more aware of your surroundings and fearlessly start using your camera.
  • Don’t let the word "challenge" scare you, all this is for pure fun.
  • If you post your photographs online (Picasa web albums, Flickr, Facebook, etc.), feel free to share the links in the comments section. If you want to, you can also email them to my e-mail address which you’ll find in the right hand sidebar. I can’t wait to see your photos so please share!

    13 Responses to “Estrella’s ~ Seasonal Photo Challenge ~”

    1. Was surprised to see fireworks on your list. You guys shoot off fireworks at Christmas time? Wouldn’t that be a hazard for Santa’s sleigh ?


      • I love you, Karen! Well, no fireworks at Christmas time, but it is on my list on account of New Years. In case I won’t post the next list early enough to add it to January, I included it here :)

    2. Estrella, wonderful idea! I’ll try to join in!

    3. Estrella, this sounds like a blast!

      Not sure I can live up to any of the timelines . . . but there are scenes I can be snapping right away, today, inside my own house. Plus a bunch of photos from an event we went to on Sunday – Christmas at the Mill – that I’ll be doing a Milliver’s Travels story on. This will give me an outlet for some of the photos I can’t use in the story because there were way too many.

      I’ll upload my challenge pix to Picasa and send you the link when I’ve got my first little sample ready, probably this weekend.

      Thanks for a fun challenge! I can see why you wanted to find some way to perpetuate the photo challenge you did on Positively Present. Taking seasonal photos for pure enjoyment is a great idea.

      ~ Milli

      • Thanks, Milli, I already had a blast cooking this up, and I’m sure everyone will have fun with it!

        You don’t need to live up to any dead serious timelines, you don’t need to take the pics ten days in a row or anything. You see, the fireworks is actually in January, since it’s already the 1st after midnight, but I included that one here for December.
        My intention was to make this challenge as loose as possible, so people would have enough time during the course of a whole month to take 10 pics.

        I got your album link and will take a better look at the photos tomorrow.


    4. Yay you! I can do December with you for sure, since I told the Goddess of Milliver’s Travels that capturing Christmas in the Bay Area was my goal for her this month. Now it can be my goal for you two! Two goals with one camera… or something like that! ;)

    5. What a fun challenge! I hope everybody has lots of fun with it. :)

    6. I really, really, really want to do this. But here’s the sting. Everyone in this world has a camera on their phone. I have the world’s oldest phone. I don’t have the wiring to get any photos off it even if I did take a picture with it. So I would have to lug around my SLR, which weighs a couple of pounds, with me everywhere I do to find the “right” picture to do this. Sounds like work to me. And at this holiday time, more work is not what I can handle.

      But I love the idea. I love you for suggesting it. And as the holidays continue, I will snap some of those suggested and post if I can. And while I’m here, Happy Holidays to you. You are one of my favorite people in this virtual universe – and the real universe as well. Patsye p.s. You’ve given me an idea.

      • I think you’ll have fun with this challenge if you decide to carry your camera with a couple of times, as most of the list is ready and available in our homes (seven out of ten as I counted). And don’t be fooled by my having a camera on my phone… it only takes good pics outside and only if it’s bright and sunny.

        Happy holidays to you too, Patsye, you’re definitely one of my favorite people in the universe as well! *hugs*

        *goes away now wondering what that idea might be*


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