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2011, December 14

Love letters from overseas

“Sometimes there are no words. No words to describe what we feel, and no words that could truly comfort us. But I’m a writer and will try to anyway. You…”bloggerbutton

Those are the beginning sentences of one of my love letters. I signed up to write a few love letters as a part of Hannah Brencher’s 12 Days of Love Letter Writing over at MoreLoveLetters this December and it is by far the most scary, the hardest and yet the most wonderful thing I ever volunteered to do.

My assignments weren’t easy, and as soon as I got them apprehensiveness was what best described my mood (I was terrified of not depressing the heck out of my letter’s subjects with my words because that is not what they need right now.) I thought I made a mistake signing up for this.

Love (letters)  However, as soon as I sat down, calmed myself down enough to start and began writing, everything changed. I did my best to imagine what I’d like to read if I were in a similar situation and let myself go, let my pen do the writing. Instead of worrying about saying something wrong, I focused on positivity and figuring out how to transfer that to words on paper.

I’m not totally convinced my words will bring true comfort to the people receiving my love letters. But I am 100% convinced that they will be well received and will help ease the pain, to lift them up at least a little bit.

And… every single “little bit” counts!


In this spirit, I’m turning to my readers now. If you would like to participate, there are still two days left! And since the assignments appear on the MoreLoveLetters blog as well, I think (ask Hannah to make sure!) you can even browse through them and choose whom you’d most like to write to, sending your letters along in under a week.

Hope you will visit the website, and even if you don’t participate right now, keep it in mind and sign up for later.

2011, December 14

Homemade Gifts {in a Jar} part 2

Last week, I told you all about my gift in a jar Chocolate Chip Cookies for the Chef.

Now, for the seamstress in my life, I decided to make a sewing-kit jar. Here’s how I did it.

page sewing kit gift in a jar

Sewing-kit jar

Fill the jar of your choice, with different things a seamstress would appreciate (I chose beads, embroidery thread, yarn, buttons, chalk, pins and needles, etc.)

I really liked the idea of the pincushion lid, but knew my grandmother wouldn’t really want to keep the jar, so I decided to make one of these really cute Tuna Can Pincushions I’ve had my mind on ever since my friend Patsey posted her tutorial.

After I finished both the jar and pincushion, I stuck the tuna can pincushion onto the lid with a simple double adhesive tape so it would stay on there until/during Christmas gift giving and then come off easily.

Happy crafting everyone :)

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