The Golden Snitch! – my Harry Potter Ornament

You guys already know how much I love Harry Potter. So much so that even though I had all my books in Hungarian, I purchased the last volume of the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, in English because I couldn’t even imagine waiting for the translated version.

So it’s probably not a surprise that I’ve instantly fell in love with a Golden Snitch Christmas tree ornament tutorial I saw over at Tiny Apartment Crafts a couple of weeks ago.

It took me a while to finish because I don’t usually work with wire (and still dislike it!) and I had a glue gun to purchase as well, but my ornament is finally done and ready to use.


The Golden Snitch! Ornament Tutorial from TinyApartmentCrafts

I couldn’t wait to decorate the Christmas tree today and search for the best spot to place my Golden Snitch!


PS: it’s my only ornament up right now, so I better get going and decorate the rest of the tree ;-)


13 Responses to “The Golden Snitch! – my Harry Potter Ornament”

  1. What a great ornament! By the way, I don’t like working with wire either. :)

  2. Very crafty! I love the golden tones against the pine backdrop.

    I got a big smile from you being so excited about your new ornament it’s the only one on the tree. :~)

  3. Thanks so much for trying my project! It looks really beautiful :)

    • Thanks for stopping by to check it out (and for the idea!), Gabrielle, I love it sooo much! Now that the tree is decorated it looks even prettier among the other ornaments :)

  4. Terrific ornament and it looks perfect in the tree! I’m a huge fan of Harry Potter, too! In fact, for the Deathly Hallows, I went to my sister’s library where we all dressed up and did a midnight unveiling! It was great fun!

  5. Very nice, Estrella.

    I also have the HP books taking up a good amount of space on my bookshelf.

    Enjoy the rest of your decorating.

  6. Thanks, you guys, I’m so glad you all liked my new Christmas tree ornament :) It’s always fun to share things with fellow HP fans!

  7. Oh my, I love love love this ornament. Now I can’t wait for Christmas :)

  8. I bought HP themed globes and such during my visit to the Orlando parks, but this handmade one just feels all the more special! Well done, you have an eye for details :)


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