Recap: Choosing throughout 2011

Turns out, this has been a year of surprising myself.

I chose one little word, and eleven more, a sentence, for 2011:
I chose to hope, dare, live, smile, dream, love, create, appreciate, listen, leap and enjoy.


– Decided to take each day for what it is. A new day.

– In the midst of business, it felt so lovely to notice, to appreciate, and not walk past small gems (like poppies by the tracks).

– Thought about my being a writer, and ended up wondering if people living with writers understood them? I cam to the conclusion that they almost never do, but I will keep writing anyway. It has to be important to me, not other people.

– Defined courage as rushing into oncoming traffic, on all Life’s stages, on a daily basis.

– Started sharing two of my passions, writing and traveling, through articles about the places I’ve seen on Milliver’s Travels where I’ve joined the staff since July.

– Raveled in the beauty (its way of showing love) nature provides and enjoyed walks.

– Gave my best to just being myself and checked in with my soul. Talked about why I write, how I started and what writing looks like to me. Pushed myself out of my comfort zone.

-Realized that I wasn’t afraid to be by myself back when five adults managed to lose me, between lost and found, four years old, in a shopping center full of strangers.
This has led me to realize that there’s no reason in the world why it shouldn’t be like that today.

– Managed to clear some clutter and clear my mind during the process.

– Found it interesting how, while CDs can’t record anything else besides computer data – they can bring up millions of memories the Heart records so well!

– While finding the right spot for one of my plants, I thought of how much I want to grow roots somewhere, even if I’m not yet entirely sure where the perfect spot for me is.


And as much as I wanted to, I haven’t really kept in mind that sometimes, when it’s least expected, it works the other way around too. However, something wonderful happened. Words, characters, books, songs, places, objects, people, feelings, dreams, happenings… Life – chose me.

There has been tons of surprises throughout 2011. As I mentioned it above, I’ve surprised myself. And it has also been a year of growth. A friend brought this to my attention last week and although I’ve noticed it myself, looking back it’s more prominent.

I’m not the same person I was seven years ago. I’m not the same person I was at the beginning of 2011. And I’m not the same as yesterday.

I liked it right there, right then. But I most definitely like it right here, right now!

Here’s to a 2012 as filled with surprises, change and growth as last year was!

12 Comments to “Recap: Choosing throughout 2011”

  1. Estrella, very beautifully written! How wonderful for you that you realized all those things, and grew and changed, etc. What more could a person want? I’m so happy that you are happy! I’d like to end my comment with your words: Here’s to a 2012 as filled with surprises, change and growth as last year was! Amen!

    • Yes, despite the hard times, it was a good year and I like how things worked out even when they chose me and not the other way around. It makes me giddy that you chose to end your comment with my words :) Thank you!

  2. Tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day, warm and sunny and perfect for the beach. I am going with my camera. Tell me what you want written in the sand; I’ll write it, take the picture, and send it to you. I’m going to take several pictures for next year – like that 2011 to 2012 photo on my blog, which isn’t mine, by the way.

    Let me know what you want “written in the sand.” Patsye happy new year!

    • Yay for warm weather and beaches!
      I knew you didn’t take that picture yourself, as I saw a similar one for 2012 to 2011 last year. I recall being sad that I didn’t see it before, as I could’ve taken a picture like that when I visited Sicily and had the beach right under my feet.

      Thank you for your offer, you are amazing for wanting to do this for me! I’ll e-mail you in a sec with my ideas *huge hugs*

      Happy New Year!

      PS: see if you want to take some photos from my suggestions for the Seasonal Photo Challenge while you’re out and about ;)

  3. I smiled when I got to your comment about people living with writers not understanding them. So, SO true! Here’s to a wonderful, adventure-filled 2012!

  4. Enjoyed your recap and the way it wasn’t about “achievements” per se but about the quality of life. Your heart definitely comes through loud and clear. :~)

    I was tantalized by some of the previous posts indicated that I missed reading. Will have to go exploring. . . .

    • Yes, achievements come and go, but the quality of a year in one’s life is always different and determines how we shape up as individuals on the long run. My heart couldn’t be happier that you could see it come through loud and clear in my recap post. Thank you for saying so! *hugs*

      You have some catching up to do it seems, although by the time I’m answering this, I think you’ve already done so ;)

  5. What a beautiful post! I am thrilled that you have such a creative outlet and – literally – stop and smell the roses! I expect that 2012 is going to bring you lovely things to write about!

    • Thank you, Ann, you’re so sweet! I really like my creative outlet as well, even if some people around me don’t exactly appreciate it every step of the way. But when friends from so far away are so very supportive, like you right now, it makes it all worth it!

  6. Hey, it’s been so long since I last read your blog! hehe, farina here by the way… Enjoyed hearing about your achievements and how you are able to appreciate the small little things in life. My 2011 was a bit of a rush. :S but nonetheless Happy New Year!!! May you have a great 2012! hee :)

    • It has been a long time, nice to see you again, Farina! The little things matter more than we give them credit for, they pile up ;) My 2011 was a bit of a rush as well, which is why I’m so happy to have still been able to focus on many things which actually interested me. Thanks for your comment and wishes, here’s wishing you a Happy New Year as well!

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