Monday Musings

Loved how the Chef, in a moment of joking with friends, as I shyly and half-jokingly said that I’m a writer, turned to our company and with all seriousness said: “She really is, she’s an English writer!”


Our weather in under 24 hours (maybe on account of it being Friday the 13th?) was the following:
Heavily overcast. Foggy. Sunny. Clear skies. Overcast. Raining. Sunny. Overcast. Snowing. Sunny. Snowing and Sunny. Short snowstorm. Foggy and Snowing. Clear skies. Snowing. Overcast. Snowing. Lightning and Thunder while Snowing. Windy throughout the day and night.


Oh boy, could I relate to this. Hope does sometimes get in the way. I think it’s all in the perception of things; all in allowing ourselves to lose track of what we’d like, or not let anything hold us back.


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  1. I love how the Chef validated you :).

    That’s quite a day of weather!

    I don’t quite agree with Danielle. Hope and faith go hand in hand. “Faith is the substance of things HOPED for, the evidence of things not seen.” It’s a developmental thing. First the vision,( hope ), then the action, ( faith ), which produces the substance, ( manifestation ). It all starts with hope…vision. Most folks don’t move on it though. They get stuck between the vision, and enacting it. They don’t move on the vision of hope inside them, to make it real, make it manifest, make it seen.

    • I love it too!

      Yes, quite the weather… I don’t care for it much. Plus it gave me headaches since Monday.

      And I see what you mean, you’re so right. That is what I myself didn’t quite agree with, but as a specific thing, one has to act on their hopes, not only “hope” and get stuck behind that as an excuse not to realize what one wants. I think that’s what Danielle was going for (that’s what I understood, anyways), but maybe she hasn’t phrased it as well as she could’ve. What we hope for should be made reality.

  2. The Chef deserves a big kiss for being so supportive! Maybe you can write a story about some of that crazy weather. :)

  3. YAY, Chef! I LOVE that he called you a writer…because you ARE! The weather does sound crazy. We had beautiful sunny skies on the 13th.

  4. You write so well, I sometimes forget that English is only one of your languages.

  5. “…shyly and half-jokingly…”

    I’m so very glad you had someone around to remind the others – and you – that you are, indeed, a writer. Although, all you might have needed is to look at what you have written, and to remember the fact that you continue to write, to understand that, indeed, you are a writer.

    But I understand the shyness, from the inside I can assure you – but I’m getting over it. :)

    Regarding hope…I get what’s being said in the article but I, in concert with Emily Dickinson, chose to regard Hope as something active.

    • Well, we were joking about what we do for a living, so that’s why I admitted to being a writer only half jokingly. People don’t take it seriously, so I avoid telling them. Plus, since I write in English, they really don’t take it seriously.
      Besides, ever since that stalker issue a few years ago, as a precaution, only a handful of people (who I know in real life) know my blog address and pen name.

      BUT thank you so much for your lovely comment, Kevin! You’re an amazing person and writer, it means a lot coming from you :)

      And thanks, I love that poem by Emily Dickinson!

  6. I like reading people’s thoughts.

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