I’d like…

I would like to be 10 inches taller than I am. Maybe even 10 years younger. I’d maybe like to have more religious faith. I would like to be stronger and wiser. I would maybe like to be less of a child than I am, but no less dream-filled. I’d sometimes like it if I could keep my thoughts closed away in their factory. I would like to have more time to read, and especially to write.

I’d like many things, but right now, this minute, I would most like to have long(er), curly, darker chestnut red hair and be able to hear each loop laugh at snowflakes’ touch.


Your turn, tell me what you’d like? :)

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12 Comments to “I’d like…”

  1. Me too. Snow flakes in my hair. :-)

  2. I would take ANY color hair besides grey. But that hair is particularly beautiful. What a poetic post. Patsey

    • Thanks, Patsye!
      I know what you mean about any color besides grey. I often joke half-seriously about cutting my hair and making it into a wig for when I’ll turn grey :P

  3. I think I just spelled my own name wrong. I have a new TINY Mac keyboard that does not have curves to the keys. They are flat. They are smaller and more tightly set than a regular keyboard. I spend much of my time backspacing and retyping my words. I promise…I know how to spell….! Patsye

  4. So beautiful! I would like to be able to walk faster!

    • Thanks, Ann!

      That reminds me, I’d like the little girl I babysit to walk faster. Honestly, she walks sooo slowly, and if I wasn’t dragging her at times, she’d be literally standing still…

  5. i’d like to be noticed…

  6. I’d like a raise so I could afford moving.

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