Love, differently

January is coming to an end tomorrow. That means the Estrella’s ~Seasonal Photo Challenge~ page is now updated with February’s theme and photo suggestions. I’m really excited about this month’s theme and suggestions, so please drop by to check them out (and leave me a comment there this time around).

You can see my photos from January right here, where February’s logo is already up. I have also updated my Capturing Love on Film album if you want to see even more photos under the Love theme.

While you’re there, if you’d like to give me suggestions for March and upcoming months, I’d love to read them. And of course, feel free to join in and snap some pictures. With all of you there, I’m sure it will be a lot of fun!


j shared some thoughts on everything being just so last week. It prompted the following thought:

Grief is a different kind of love, one that hurts the most, even (or rather especially?) after a long time, when one doesn’t expect it to, when it seems like a big fat cruel cosmic joke…

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