The World needs More Love Letters

This could very well be in the Top Three of scariest blog posts written so far, but so be it. I’ll hit “Publish” no matter what! *deep breath*

I’m here to ask you a very important question today, and am keeping my *fingers crossed* you’ll all say “Yes!”

To start with the beginning, you know about my volunteering to write love letters in December and in January inspired/as a part of MoreLoveLetters, right? Perfect (now you know even if you didn’t before).

Tonight, I received an e-mail from Hannah, telling me about something new they’re launching, Adopting a Love Letter Bundle.

I fell in love with the idea, and would quite possibly be somewhere even beyond happy to adopt a love letter bundle. However, unfortunately I won’t be able to commit to ten love letters all on my own from way over here. So here’s that very important question I wanted to ask you:

Will you write a love letter with me?

I’d love to hear from you, committing. And please don’t count how many people have already said “Yes!”, it would be awesome if we wrote more than ten love letters this month!

What better non-commercialism-oriented way to spend a day in February?

Once we commit to at least ten love letters, I’ll e-mail Hannah, and she’ll send me the love letter request. A love letter request is a short but true story of someone who is next in line for love letters. The request is written by someone in that person’s life who knows them very well and is counting on you to get letters to their mailbox.

Once I receive the love letter request, I’ll e-mail you guys and then –> let the letter writing begin!

So how about it? Would you like brighten someone’s day with something as simple as words on paper?

Please leave me a comment on this blog post and let me know if you’re in.

It may be scary at first, but it’s beyond helpful to all the people in need of a love letter and very much fulfilling for yourself.

You’ll like it. I promise!

love letter left at vetsLove letter I’ve left at my vet’s office

We’ll discuss all further details when we have all our love letter writers (I’m excited, and scared of rejection and am thinking of so many things at once right now, you’d get a headache if I elaborated) :-)

May be a stretch, but men who proposed could easily guess what I’m feeling as I await your answers to the popped question ;-)


Either if you will or won’t be able to participate, please tell your friends and send them over!

I’d greatly appreciate it if you’d give this blog post a shout out (on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.). Just adding a link to the blog post and something along the lines of: "This girl I know, Estrella, is writing love letters to perfect strangers who are in need of kind words. Would you like to help her out this month?"

Thank you! You guys rock!


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  1. I really like how much there is to be found on your site, Estrella. You are doing a great job with everything!

  2. You surely deserve a round of applause for doing this!


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