I want it to feel…

I want my day to feel like a medley.
I want kissing to feel like dreams, butterflies, love and passion had a play date. 
I want my next success to feel magnetic. 
I want my body to feel like cheerleaders while cheering. 
I want smiling to feel like sunshine.
I want my friendships to feel like deep, clear, just-right wavy, sky-blue oceans. 
I want my nervous system to feel as energizing as citrus fruits are. 
I want my gigs to feel like dancing.
I want my neighborhood to feel like a scene from “Friends”. 
I want my integrity to feel as sincere as unconditional love. 
I want my money-making to feel like walking through an art gallery.
I want my word to feel like playing a song on the strings of a hand carved guitar.
I want my laughter to feel like raspberries.
I want the end of the day to feel like the most colorful and peaceful sunsets. 
I want being of service to feel like an upbeat rhythm. 
I want my philanthropy to feel like a waltz.
I want my challenges to feel like chatting with good friends.
I want my love to feel like an unspoken, yet fully known, felt, lived and reciprocated perception only he and I share.  
I want my writing to feel like J. K. Rowling and John Green, with magic shining through every single word.
I want my ideas to feel like enticing, freshly baked cookies.


How do you want all of these to feel?

If you want to know what it would feel like to write a love letter this month to someone who would greatly benefit from reading it, please drop by and sign up here.


*Blog post inspired by Danielle LaPorte’s inaugural post for The Burning Questions Series.


6 Comments to “I want it to feel…”

  1. Love it!!! <3

  2. Hey! I found your link through Danielle Laporte’s site and hope to copy this onto my blog as well sometime soon. I” want my ideas to feel like enticing, freshly baked cookies” mmmmmm :) Love it!

  3. Very nice answers! If only we could feel this way all the time and not let the mind gremlins take over. :)

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