41 six-word days – Part one

A great way to look at our days, that I’m taking part over at a Human Thing.

Since we’re more than half way through already, thought I’d publish what I have so far and share the rest once the 41 days are up.

41 six-word days – Part one

Day 1.
~ Bravest things I have: Love, Hope.

Day 2.
~ Sometimes bit of laziness is okay.

Day 3.
~ Feeling safe, how important that is…

Day 4.
~ Four kitties and a bunny: love.

Day 5.
~ Movies and sleepovers with Chef: fun.

Day 6.
~ Proud – Built myself a Writer’s Clock.

Day 7.
~ Read TFiOS until 4am again yesterday.

Day 8.
~ Book. Love. Grief. Ice skating. Overthinking.

Day 9.
~ Massages relax and make me happy!

Day 10.
~ Hasn’t stopped snowing since 2pm! Lovely!

Day 11.
~ Really tired of arguing/no solutions…

Day 12.
~ Leap and the net will appear!

Day 13.
~ Really dislike doing taxes (right now).

Day 14.
~ Never feel fully caught up nowadays…

Day 15.
~ A fun afternoon with friends – priceless!

Day 16.
~ Not sure how to describe yesterday…

Day 17.
~ ‘Twas MINUS 18 Celsius. ‘Nuff said…

Day 18.
~ <3 First love padlocks appeared in Kolozsvár! <3

Day 19.
~ Not perfect, but love’s ‘just right’.

Day 20.
~ Want to adopt Love Letter Bundle(s)!

Day 21.
~ I have such wonderfully amazing friends!


5 Responses to “41 six-word days – Part one”

  1. Oh! This means I don’t have to organize yours. Thank you! :)

    • Glad I could make it easy for you, to just copy+paste.
      I’m keeping track of my six words, and since I noticed I had no blog posts at the ready and as a bonus absolutely no time to write a full one, I went with sharing these since the midway marker was up anyway :)


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