Writing Love Letters for Our Adopted Bundle

moreloveletterslogo We’re past step one — we’ve committed to writing at least ten love letters for a bundle we adopted from MoreLoveLetters. We’re actually up to sixteen love letters which thrills me beyond measure. Thank you again everyone!

Step two is all done as well, as I have signed us up and have just received the love letter request from Hannah.

Now it’s time for step three, my playing Juliet and passing on the info to all of you wonderful letter writers:

Your Letter Request:


Requested by Brandis’ Best Friend

“Brandis is a very loving, caring, and sweet woman who was my first friend when I moved to Texas for my new job. I had no family in Texas and she immediately opened her home and her heart to me. Just recently, she discovered her husband was being unfaithful and now her life is cracking and crumbling as a divorce is pursued while she tries to care for her two young children and battle ill-health. Brandis is stronger than she knows, but now she is feeling unloved, unwanted, and very alone. Please help me show her that she is loved, wanted, and needed in this world. It would be a darker place for many of us without her in it.”

If this is your first time writing a love letter like this, I suggest dropping by and reading this Starter Kit Hannah has put together. It’s filled with all the info you need to turn your love letter into an emotional art form.

Step four is up to all of you individually, write your love letters to Brandis <3

Please be intentional with your love letters. We want to be able to gift someone else with the best looking letters of the bunch. Handmade cards, stationery are a plus! Ribbons, bows, confetti, etc. will score you extra brownie points with the MoreLoveLetters team!

I’m adding step five, because I’d love love love to see all Your letters! So make sure to take a photo of your letter and send it to me at estrella [dot] azul20 [at] gmail [dot] com . I promise to make something beautiful with the received love letters and then share it/them here on my blog with the whole World Wide Web!

Tweet and Facebook the MoreLoveLetters team, they want to report all our love letter progress! The team is also encouraging everyone to snap photos that they can feature on the site, and are also open to video blogs and guest posts! If any of you are interested in guest blogging about the experience, please e-mail me and I’ll get back to Hannah for all the details.

And then as step six, since we can’t mail them all together, please mail your love letters, by the end of February, to:

Brandis Bundle

More Love Letters
PO Box 2061
North Haven, CT 06473

Make sure to include an extra, loose, stamp with your letter (or if you’re feeling extra generous like one of our letter writers has already, include a book of stamps). If you have more than one person in your household writing letters, you can include them all in one envelope.

Step seven: Spread the word! MoreLoveLetters currently operates under the pocketbook of its founder, Hannah Katy. The team will so appreciate you reaching out to friends, family, and social networks to tell everyone about the Bundle we are putting together and encourage them to support the Postage Stamp Drive: Without raising funds, they cannot continue to keep MoreLoveLetters up and running, so drop by IndieGoGo and help. Any support is so appreciated!


For any of you reading this blog post who haven’t volunteered, but would like to, please feel free to do so in the comment section below! The more love letters, the better <3


The nitty gritty P.S. kind of stuff…


  • Think your friends and family would benefit from being on this email list as well? Pass them the link and encourage them to sign up: http://www.moreloveletters.com/get-involved/become-a-writer/ As promised on moreloveletters.com, we don’t want to live in your mailbox we just want to call on you when a love letter request needs some back up.
  • You are totally our Juliets in all of this and we could not do it without you…. Speaking of Juliet, leave the mush to her and keep the love letters in the "friend zone."
  • Think you want to take on another love letter request? Just send us an email torequest@moreloveletters.com and we will hook you up with another letter that could use your skills. We appreciate all volunteer writers.

Oh, and P.P.S.
For safety measures, we will not display last names of love letter recipients or addresses. All snail mail will be managed through the central More Love Letters PO Box. We also ask that you do not include contact information within your love letters.
Keep the letters clean, no crude or inappropriate messaging will be forwarded to recipients. Please do not include monetary gifts.

~ the MoreLoveLetters team

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  1. I was looking for some kind of volunteer jobs which I could do from home to some degree. I think this is amazing, will go check out the webpage now and see about writing some love letters.


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