My purpose for money

Steadying an aim is good for us from time to time. Even if I can’t fulfill much of it just yet, I think being on the right path is what matters most.

Estrella’s purpose for money, Feb. 2012

  • Travel. By myself, and with loved ones
  • Surprise loved ones with gifts
  • Buy friend’s books and art
  • Shop organic/homemade/handmade/etc.
  • Build my plaster crafting business so it becomes a steady income
  • Save up and invest wisely
  • Turn writing into a priority and a steady income 
  • Donate, be a philanthropist
  • Own a lovely home – where ever the right place for it turns out to be.
  • Create my own writing space and workshop in said home

Quite honestly, I don’t want a lot of money. I don’t think a pirate’s chest full of money is required to be happy. I only want enough to do what I want to do and be who I want to be this lifetime — as opposed to having two (three) jobs just to stay poor.

What is your purpose for money?


*Blog post inspired by Danielle LaPorte’s second post for The Burning Questions Series.

9 Comments to “My purpose for money”

  1. I’m with you, Estrella! I would just like to have enough to “live comfortably,” as the saying goes. No worrying about paying bills or any other thing in life that “requires” money! I would LOVE to travel, and write, and be with family and friends, etc. Ahhhh, you are young enough to make it happen! And IF I……no, I mean WHEN I… finish my memoir and it sells enough to keep me going, etc……THAT would be fabuous!!

  2. Writing down your goals is a great way to accomplish them. I can’t wait to see where my writing takes me this year. I know I already have one check coming from a story. :)

  3. I agree with you Estrella…I want to be comfortable. I also think writing them down makes your goals real! Best of luck and I hope you have the opportunity to check off every one of them on the list!

    • I know I’m doing something right, when I see so many like-minded people over here. Thanks for dropping by!
      And thank you, here’s to writing them down making my goals real!

  4. Yeah, stability goes a long way. I’d like to have that to then be able of doing what I’d like and retire early.

  5. Who would’ve though a post about money would be so great? My purpose would be the same, no need to have tons of it.

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