Practical advice for winter skincare

Although we’ve entered winter a few months ago, it’s only been in the past few weeks (month or so) that the cold has truly set its foot down over here with temperatures going as low as –23 Celsius (yes, minus 23!). Cold and frosty winds – the greatest enemies of our skin during this cold season.

I don’t think cosmetic products used during winter greatly differ from those that are preferred during the rest of the year, but they still must be used regularly. Even one day when you have not followed all the steps leaves a trace of evidence, or at least that’s what always happens in my case.

So to prevent entering spring with a tired and visibly marked skin complexion, I recommend considering the following tips:

  1. Hydration as the basis of everything
    Hydration is essential! Using various heat sources affect water balance in our skin and bodies overall. Drink plenty of fluids (water, hot tea, fresh juice) and do not forget about room humidifiers.
  2. Do not skip over any part of your cosmetic routine
    On both body and face, cleansing, toning and nourishing the skin add up to a valuable routine which is essential to be followed daily, both at morning and in the evening (whether you used makeup during the day or not).
    A gentle cleanser or preferably one homemade of suitable oils mixture will first easily remove all impurities. A toning floral water will remove any remaining residues. And a blend of face creams, lotions, butters and oils will nourish your skin. Avoid using non-organic soap on your face and never leave the house before applying cream.
  3. Eat well
    Eating well doesn’t mean you must eat more, but that you should make sure to include as many vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds, soup and fish in your diet  and as little heavy/greasy meat as possible.

These are just three, very simple tips, which are highly effective and can be easily followed with just a little willpower and organization.


What are your tips for a beautiful and healthy skin during this frosty season?

10 Comments to “Practical advice for winter skincare”

  1. Thanks for the advice, very much needed. We’re having rough weather as well unfortunately.

  2. This is good advice for me too. I think about it and sometimes skip a step or two.

  3. Good, basic, information! i’m famous for skipping parts of my routine when I’m not in the mood…I guess I need to keep up!

  4. how did you get so smart so young, sweetheart? wonderful advice!

  5. It’s really a cool and helpful piece of information. Thanks!

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