41 six-word days — Part two

A great way to look at our days, that I took a part of over at a Human Thing.

When we were half way through I shared my first 21 days. Now that all 41 days are up, here’s the rest of my days summed up in only six words each.

41 six-word days – Part Two

Day 22.
~ Sometimes it’s just so darn complicated…

Day 23.
~ No massage this week. Very sad…

Day 24.
~ Crafting. Working. Romance. Writing. Full day!

Day 25.
~ I left lasting writing impressions. *Proud*

Day 26.
~ Fresh salad! I’m quite easily pleased.

Day 27.
~ Only three words: teething… wisdom teeth :((

Day 28.
~ People loved "Diaper Cake" at christening.

Day 29.
~ Just-because hugs, kisses and togetherness.

Day 30.
~ Appreciating all well wishes! Feeling better.

Day 31.
~ It only really takes three words!

Day 32.
~ Love Letter Bundle request is up!

Day 33.
~ Love came in form of coffee.

Day 34.
~ Kind words – all one needs hearing.

Day 35.
~ Scent is so important to animals…

Day 36.
~ Understanding the other person is fundamental.

Day 37.
~ Some days are just too long.

Day 38.
~ Allowed myself to feel vulnerable, breakable.

Day 39.
~ Job title under signature – taken seriously.

Day 40.
~ Friday nights feel nicer than weekends.

Day 41.
~ Life is weird. Hard. Also beautiful.


Now, I know you don’t have time to go back 41 days and make a list of your own. So instead, tell me in six words what has your February been like?

14 Comments to “41 six-word days — Part two”

  1. Embarrassing. Confusing. Hollow. Surreal. Hurtful. Embarrassing.

    • Digging deep, becoming, being, breathing, seeing.
      (I hated to leave a black cloud on your beautiful blog.)

      • Oh honey, you are so sweet to write another comment just to not leave a “black could” on my blog.
        Thing is, I really liked your first comment. I love your second comment as well. — Life is like that, I guess. The good and bad parts go together more than we notice sometimes.

  2. Changed. Enraged. Hopeful. Can’t turn back.

  3. febrile February full of fatuous farragos

  4. Black. White. Grey. Sometimes rainbow colored.

  5. surprising. releasing. like an uncoiled spring.

  6. Learning to live through a cold. (To Marc Nash; you little poet you! Loved it.)

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