Slice of Diaper Cake, anyone?

We went to a christening in February. I’m not too keen on being in a room filled with too many people, or a family get-together of any sort, but what got me excited about this obligatory-attendance-thingy was that: I got to (finally!) make a diaper cake!

I saw diaper cakes all over the internet before and made a mental note about assembling one myself… except there was never a reason to, no one that close to me had a baby so that I could surprise them with it.

Jumping at the opportunity, here’s what I ended up with (and a tutorial for how to make your own).

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Diaper Cake 

a pack of 30 or more diapers (best to buy bigger sized ones, unless you know for sure how much the baby weighs)
pretty, decorative ribbons
gifts you’d like to include (clothes, toys, baby’s room decorations, fridge magnets, baby bottle, shoes, etc.)
something to place the cake on (I used a round plate mat)
rubber bands
marshmallow skewers

One by one roll up the diapers tightly and secure them with 1-2 rubber bands. After you’re finished with the whole diaper pack, you can start the cake assembling.

Place some of the gifts you’re giving into the middle of the cake “platter” and then start placing the rolled-up diapers around the gifts in a circle. Secure with a rubber band so they won’t move anymore. Fill up the base tier with the rest of the gifts.

Build the second tier by placing the rolled-up diapers next to each other in a circle and secure them with a rubber band.

Build the top tier and measure it against the second tier so it’s a perfect fit and will look nice and proportionate once the cake is assembled.

If you have any left-over diapers, add them inside the bottom tier next to the gifts.

Place the second tier on top of the bottom tier. Stick 2-3 marshmallow skewers in between the diapers so they don’t show, but so they secure the tiers together. Repeat with the top tier.

Tie the decorative ribbons around each tier to cover the rubber bands, further secure them and make your diaper cake look all pretty.

Optionally place extra gifts on the tiers before packaging.

Happy cake making ;)

16 Comments to “Slice of Diaper Cake, anyone?”

  1. That is awesome….I have seen pictures of those.

  2. These are always a fun, and appreciated, gift. I have seen “flowers” made with sock, bibs or wash cloths before. You can just coil the items like a ribbon rose. :)

    • Yes, unless once can give the gift of sleep, diapers are second on the list of things always needed with a new baby in the house ;)
      Those flowers sound good too *heads off to do a Google search*

  3. Man, so long there isn’t fudge filling…

  4. Ok, I have to admit, when I first heard about it, I though it was a cake made to look like diapers. Then I saw the pics and thought “wow, that is very realistic!”

    I’m a goof, I know :-)

    Still looks wonderful, Ms. Creative :-)

  5. i love your creativity, Estrella!
    {i had to re-subscribe to your blog as wordpress has decided to stop all of my subscriptions.}

  6. I have never heard of this but yours turned out really cute!

  7. I miss having a good reason to make diaper cakes – all of my friends have already had their babies. They’re just so darn cute!

  8. This is absolutely adorable, and a very thoughtful gift.

    And because I always have to comment on something personal (why do I do this?), I want to tell you that my son’s diapers were real cloth, and I had to dip them in the toilet, wring them out, put them in a receptacle by the commode until the end of the day, then lug that stinking thing to the basement, run them through the washer, then take them back to the kitchen to boil them for sanitation and whiteness. (I was “afraid” of clorox!). Can you imagine? I can’t even believe I did this. But also we had NO MONEY. Not a dime for things like diapers. We were living in an apartment, didn’t have a place to put them until garbage day, so cloth was our only option.

    Moms have it so much easier now. Except mother earth. She’s certainly taking a hit.

    • Thanks, Patsye.

      I love that you always comment on something personal – keep doing it!
      And I know what you mean about cloth diapers. Had then when I was a baby (I know my grandmother used to sew them for me, like all my baby clothes as well) and then when I was older, I recall us visiting friends who also used cloth diapers for their babies.
      Moms do have it easier now and I’m with you – except mother earth unfortunately…

  9. What did you use to put on the middle of the diaper cake? We normally put a cardboard tube so its stable. Also will you mail me a cookie?

    • I used the marshmallow skewers to keep everything in place, it was stable anyways, but I wanted some extra stability not left to chance.
      Cookie is on its way ;)

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