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2012, March 16

The kind of writer who…

In the latest post of the “j’s Journey” series over at Fear of Writing, j asked the readers a question: What kind of writer do you want to be?

I answered in the comment section there. I would also like to share with you here as well, since Life’s a stage is my virtual writing corner.


Someone once emailed me months after my publishing a piece of flash fiction that she was still thinking about said piece. Someone just recently noted I understand the role of my characters so well and wrote so succinctly.
Someone else commented that sometimes the most powerful things are stated with just such simplicity – like in my blog post.
Again someone else said that I write so well, he sometimes forgets that English is only one of my languages.
And again someone else told me how my heart definitely comes through loud and clear in all my writing, creative or otherwise.

I want to be the kind of writer who grows and keeps getting such great feedback – because that’s how I know I’m on the right track to becoming the writer I want to be.


How about you, what kind of writer do you want to be?



A few weeks ago, I left behind a pick-me-up love letter in an elevator. I am honored to have it included in the Love Letter Vault, and featured on MoreLoveLetters.

Here it is for everyone’s viewing pleasure “For the grey days in Romania…”

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