Revolutionizing, burnt boats and my super hero name

What do you want to revolutionize?

Will have to agree with Danielle, whose question inspired this answer, and admit that my heart has a long list of things that I would like someone else to revolutionize. I won’t go into it all now, that doesn’t get anything done anyway.

As for what I’d personally like to revolutionize? My answer to that would be: my surroundings, and I’ll do that by simply being here.

Because the truth is, my being here is a revolution in and of itself after nearly being denied staying on this earth a couple of years ago.


What boat do you need to burn? a testimony to your future

I need to burn the boat of relationships past.

It was a sturdy, reliable vessel. It brought me to where I am today even if the waters tested its solidity and efficiency through more storms than I would have cared for. We’ve weathered through them all – family disputes, failed romances, toxic friendships. It has taught me so much through the entire journey!

It also brought me to where I am today. And as far as I can tell right now, this is where I want to be. So I am lighting a match, with gratitude.


What’s your super hero name?

My superhero name is Estrella Azul.

It is my pen name, a name I chose for myself in 2007, a name I love. A name which consists of the things I love; stars and the color blue. Since I received my blue starfish pendant it also represents my love of the sea, the ocean, the beach.

My special power is love, I think, that is my default setting. As for what else I could say about it all, I think my warning label sums it up very well.



*Blog post inspired by this, and a few past week’s questions from Danielle LaPorte’s The Burning Questions Series.


10 Comments to “Revolutionizing, burnt boats and my super hero name”

  1. This was very interesting. I like the “past relationships” boat burning. My past relationships are so old, they’ve long since rotted into oblivion. The only one I really remember was one person I really wanted to marry, but twice found him with someone else. That will haunt me for a long time.

    But when did you have your brush with death? Have you written about this? Near death experiences fascinate me, and I watched so many as an ICU nurse, but never got any good stories about the other side. Not that I have much belief in another “side,” but the subject has always been of interest to me. Will you share? Patsyte

    • Thanks, Patsye! Yes, past relationships is a boat I think many of us need to burn. There are lots where we have grown and were beneficial, but there are those which hurt us beyond measure and which might bubble up again every once in a while.

      In 2008, I was hours away from death and needed emergency surgery. Misdiagnosis does that… I’m not sure about the “side” either, but it is an interesting subject.

  2. How do you misspell your own name? Answer: With lotion-covered hands on a tiny keyboard.

    • Now I won’t have to wonder anymore, thanks for solving that riddle for me, Patsye! ;)
      (No worries, we all have typos. I know you’re familiar with your own name.)

  3. Love these questions.

    I’d like to revolutionize the way people think.
    I’d like to burn the boat of anonymity.
    And I’d like my super hero name to be Phoenix Ashes.

  4. I like this. Would like to revolutionize the health care system.

  5. Nicely phrased.

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