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2012, March 28

Dear Love Letter Bundle Writers,

It was not easy per se to coordinate this while being overseas from 99% of you. So…

I’d like to thank you all again for being so kind, so generous and volunteering to write love letters for the Bundle we have adopted from MoreLoveLetters! You guys rock!

As promised, here’s something pretty I made out of all the love letter photos I received. I think a collage is always nice to have and the love this particular one emanates fills me up with so much joy! <3

Love Letter Bundle for Brandis

I included this photo collage into my Capturing Love on Film Facebook album, under the “Love” caption (of course) <3


Most of my volunteers have already responded, so I thought I’d also ask the following question from everyone and anyone who happens upon this blog post:

would you be willing to help me adopt a Love Letter Bundle on a seasonal basis? (The one above was at the end of Winter, so the next adopting would then be in May, then August, and so on.)

What do you think, will you have a few hours one day every three months to write a letter to someone who will benefit greatly from receiving it?


Hope you all have a lovely rest of your week!

~ Estrella

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