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2012, March 30

Double digits – by Estrella Azul

It was her. The woman he has longed for ever since they have met some months ago. The woman whom he could never truly have.

He watched her for a long time, not quite knowing how to ask what was on his mind. He decided to go with straight forward and inquired.

– So… How many boyfriends have you had?

– Many. – she answered nonchalantly.

– Is that a precise number? – he winked.

She smiled at him.

– Sure.

– So a lot, huh?

– Yes.

They lay there for minutes, cuddled up. He caressed her back, fondled her shoulder-length hair as she distanced herself slightly from his embrace.

– Is it like… double digits? – he proceeded carefully.

– Yes.

– Higher than ten?

– Yes.

– Higher than fifteen?

– Yes.

– Higher than seventeen?

She paused to look at him seriously. Then slid off of the bed and picked her clothes up from around the room’s hardwood floor.

– What are you fishing for?

– I’m not sure.

– Why? Does it matter how many boyfriends I’ve had? How many men I’ve slept with? What are you really trying to ask?

– No, it doesn’t matter. I don’t know why I asked. – he answered sincerely – Never mind.

With all her clothes gathered up she headed towards the bathroom, then changed her mind. She lowered the pile onto an armchair and asked.

– Want to join me for a shower?

– Sure.

Just a one-night stand, a rebound thing… – he thought.

No, somehow it didn’t matter.

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