My relationship to excitement

Oh, yes. I count down. Lay out different outfits until finding the best choice. Pack my bags ahead of time. Make lists. And I imagine everything in great detail. 

My enthusiasm for upcoming things is quite boundless. Excitement does mean more fun, more to be excited about. However, I try to keep myself in check to a (at least a very) small degree.

Guess I’m just afraid of disappointment…


What about you? What is your relationship to excitement?


*Blog post inspired by this question from Danielle LaPorte’s The Burning Questions Series.


12 Comments to “My relationship to excitement”

  1. I pretty much do the same thing, along with losing sleep. Best possible scenario, when the exciting thing takes place I’m not too tired to enjoy it, LOL!

    • Losing sleep! How could I forget that? I always lose sleep when I’m too excited about a trip or something and then can barely get up in the morning to get going. I’m pretty good at still enjoying it, as I lose sleep anyways and am used to it by now ;)

  2. I think excitement is good, especially as it’s catchy – I’m under the weather a lot, so catching someone else’s excitement has helped so many times :)

  3. I rank excitement right up there with enthusiasm and passion, and I’m normally full of them. Sometimes maybe too much (and then a bit of a crash follows). Sometimes I end up feeling naive in my excitement about something . . . but that doesn’t change me or “learn me” for the next time. I’ll still get excited. Even if disappointment might result. :)

  4. Oooh, when I’m excited I SO count down! There’s nothing better than anticipation!

  5. I’m gung-ho all the way!

  6. I make lists, lists, lists. But I force myself to wait to pack so that all the excitement is saved for the actual event. :)

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