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2012, April 6

Heart on the beach – by Estrella Azul


A heart on the beach…

There’s something

in this picture

which makes me think

of not losing hope;

Even though the waves

will wash over that heart

and in a few minutes

there will be no trace

it ever existed…

2012, April 6

April is budding and flowering!

It’s Spring!

It’s Spring! It’s Spring! It’s Spriiing!!! <3

(Okay, back to our inside voices now)

The weather was so nice that I could actually enjoy writing outside a couple of days in March. Now it’s April of course, and our kitties turned back to Spring-Summer-rooftop-cats. We can hang dry clothes in the sunshine. Have lunch in the back yard. Go for walks in our ponchos.

And it’s budding and flowering all over the place! I love it! I want to photograph it all!

In the spirit of that, here’s what I came up with for April’s theme and suggestions which are now up on  the Estrella’s ~Seasonal Photo Challenge~ page. Please drop by to check them out and leave me a comment there (I promise, this time around, I actually remembered to close the comments on this post right here). So, go tell me what you think of my ideas ;)

You can see my photos from March right here, where the logo for April is already up.

While you’re there, if you’d like to give me suggestions for May and upcoming months, I’d love to read them. And of course, feel free to join in and snap some pictures. Or even post a link to just one photo, or a blog post which fits (any which one of)the suggestions.

It will be a lot of fun!


PS: I’ll have a poem up for National Poetry Month later today :)

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