Heart on the beach – by Estrella Azul


A heart on the beach…

There’s something

in this picture

which makes me think

of not losing hope;

Even though the waves

will wash over that heart

and in a few minutes

there will be no trace

it ever existed…

13 Responses to “Heart on the beach – by Estrella Azul”

  1. Lovely. Just because you can’t see something, it doesn’t mean it isn’t present. :)

  2. Lovely my friend!
    A poem, a poem!!
    But, the love, the hope, the feeling that heart on the beach gives you is inside of you, inside us all, when it washes from our sight… it’s still with us — much like that gorgeous picture and your lovely words will be with me!

  3. Beautiful, Estrella. Here’s what your Lovely photo and poem made me realize:

    With the sand being so writable, you can draw as many new hearts as you want. We can have a fresh start every single day, deciding how to write our hearts in the sand of life.

  4. How lovely….and I agree with Milli! Plus, don’t forget that now that sand picture is inside of YOU!

  5. There is something defiantly hopeful in the drawing of a heart in the sand next to the incoming tide. The whole of the brashness of the loving human spirit is in that image – and in your words.

  6. Lovely! The idea that even though it may be fleeting, it’s effect is longer lasting. ^_^


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