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2012, May 30

Found Love

As I was on the playground with the little girl I babysit (and she kept wanting to do "just this last thing before we go"), I found this love message on a swing set’s pole a week ago.
It brightened my Wednesday.


Hope it brightens yours, too, today <3

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2012, May 28

Dreams. When they come true, or at least explain something to us

My friend Rebecca Emin’s new novel, “When Dreams Come True” launches today!
Appropriately, she asked about other’s vivid dreams and is celebrating with a blog hop and giveaways. Now, I know I don’t generally participate in blog hops, but one about dreams and when they come true? Count me IN!

Usually, by the time I wake up in the morning, I can’t recall a thing I dreamt.
Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night and scribble them onto a piece of paper to make sure I won’t forget. Those are usually a bunch of nonsensical sentences when I re-read them in the morning.
But then there are the times when I dream something that sticks with me. For days, for weeks, for months or even for years to come.

My vivid dreams, as vivid as they are, also come in code. I can’t say I’m particularly fond of that, but they do make me think. It’s always hard to dream and realize I’m dreaming. Mostly because after realizing that I am in fact dreaming, I can’t always make myself wake up. Then, I’m tired for the rest of the day and can’t blame it on no sleep.

A few months ago, I had a very vivid dream. I was with a friend of mine, talking, hanging out. I can recall everything about our conversation. Then something happened: my friend kissed me. As real as it seemed, this is where my dream went into “code-mode” so to speak.

In real life I was upset with this friend, for quite a while. He wasn’t answering my phone calls, e-mails, IM’s. He always had excuses for it. I met up with him by chance one night when we were both heading home from work. We went to a coffee shop, had cake and talked for a while. We planned to meet up again sometime during the weekend, with more friends and my boyfriend. He hasn’t answered my calls, nor returned them. Again, I was upset.

And then I had this dream.

Now, I’m not an expert in dream meanings, but I have these gut feelings, intuitions, that are rarely wrong. Even with other people’s dreams about me. And my gut feeling after this particular dream? He might have a crush on me. He never avoided me while I was single.

I’m not as self-centered as to believe this to be a fact. It was, after all, just a dream. Vivid, but a dream nonetheless. It won’t come true. And yet… it still makes me wonder. I would like to know if my intuition was right or wrong.

WDCT cover If you’d like to read more about dreams, and a lovely novel, here are some links to where you can find Rebecca’s new book.

When Dreams Come True

The Blurb:
Charlie is happiest when biking with Max and Toby, or watching films with Allie. But when Charlie reaches year nine (age 13), everything begins to change.

As her friends develop new interests, Charlie’s dreams become more frequent and vivid, and a family crisis tears her away from her friends.

How will Charlie react when old family secrets are revealed? Will her life change completely when some of her dreams start to come true?

Where to Buy
When Dreams Come True is now available to order via any bookshop or online in various places including:
The Book Depository
Barnes and Noble
& via Apple iBooks

2012, May 25

Dear Friday, 25.May.2012

It’s nearly Saturday, and I have a few thoughts to share; longer than a tweet-sized letter this time.

booksOne of my favorite sights: Used-books stall in the heart of the city

The other day I overheard an elderly couple talking on the bus. I was standing next to them, waiting to arrive at the next bus stop so I could step off.
The man was telling the woman how today’s youth doesn’t read anymore. How he’d stay at home when he was a teenager and young man just so he could finish "just that last paragraph".

I can relate. I smiled.

He noticed, then asked me "Why are you smiling, miss?"
I answered that I wasn’t listening on purpose, but liked that he cares; and that some young people still read – like myself, I just finished book no. 12 for 2012; already started two other ones (no. 13 & 14).
He was impressed and told me to keep at it. I thank him, and said I will.
I saw him on the bus again today. We said hello and "talked books" like we were old friends.

I love how books can bring people of all ages together!


What are you reading today? (Optional: How manieth book for 2012?)

2012, May 23


I really liked Carolyn Rubenstein’s blog post on how things don’t have to be perfect. I immediately wanted to add to the list. But then I decided to set it aside, save the link, and take a stab at after a little while, when I no longer recall what Carolyn wrote.

Things may still coincide, but here’s my own list of what doesn’t need to be perfect in my life. Easy to keep in mind, harder to accept. But I’m working on it.


It doesn’t have to be perfect

… your dreams.

… your writing.

… your decisions.

… your love.

… your outfit.

… your advices.

… your pictures.

… your art.

… your thoughts.

… your feelings.

… your words.

… your relationships.

… your timing.

… your beauty.

… your days, your weeks, your years – your life.


What about you? What doesn’t need to be perfect in your life right now?

2012, May 21

Why I never learned how to swim

(Why is it that I can’t be left alone to enjoy a hot bath without small interruptions, being considered missing or questioned as to why I haven’t taken said bath earlier? Oh… Wait, that’s a different blog post.)

As part of a small gift to myself over the weekend, and learning something about pacing, I decided to do this just for me and take a long bath.
I don’t really take baths. I shower. Every night. Always. Except for maybe once or twice a year when I long for a bath. The one before Friday was in 2010. Maybe I enjoy them more because of this.

Anyway. As I lay in my bath tub filled with hot water, mixed with homemade bath salts, bubble bath and bath oil combination relaxing my sore muscles… My whole body was relaxed. Hands floating near the surface, feet stretched out doing the same, breathing sinking me further into the warm water… and then I noticed my neck being uncooperative.
Of course this nearly ruined it for me as it got me into over-thinking-mode. I became aware of my hands floating near the water’s surface and compared them to how movies capture drowned people. Well, that was the point I completely snapped out of relaxation.

I remained there, thoughts rushing through my mind one by one, then much more all at the same time, until this one thought caught my attention “Maybe I never learned how to swim because I’m afraid of getting my head wet. And drowning. But more because of getting water in my eyes, nose, ears, hair…”

The thing is, I love water. I love spending a whole lot of time in the shower. If I didn’t get sun burnt so easily but all pretty and tan, I’d go to open-air swimming pools more often when they’re open during summer. Or lakes near my city. I’d actually own a bathing suit I haven’t outgrown for over 15 years.
But the other thing is, I hate getting my hair wet. I hate getting water in my eyes, nose and ears.

Then there’s the whole issue of someone having to teach me how to swim. In water. Deep water. (Trust issues?) And with other people around.

It’s funny. No, it’s actually silly. I know. But there you have it. In a moment of (mostly) zoning out, I received my answer.
As long as I had a diver’s suit on (complete with hood, snorkel, mask) I could probably learn how to swim.

2012, May 17

Money resentments to let go of

I had to think long and hard to answer this question. And I’m unsure of the “right” answer. But I resent high prices, and unappreciative people.

Guess one of my problems is that I’m always struggling financially. And as such, offer low prices for my crafts. I’m always weary of raising the price of refrigerator magnets for example because I figure people won’t buy them.

In April, I felt courageous and told clients how much their order messed up my time off “regular” work as I had to work on this freelance wedding favor order. One little heart took 15-20 minutes (not to mention the 30+ minutes of drying) and I was at it all day long Monday-next Saturday, I might as well have slept in my kitchen. It was beyond stressful!

I felt courageous and told the clients I wouldn’t mind if they reconsidered and paid full-price for the order (I have a 10% off policy for orders above 50 pieces and theirs was 120 – I add extras too in case anything should happen to them). They didn’t care.
But I felt so much better from asking. I’d rather regret doing something than not having tried at all!

So now, I went back and updated the prices of my crafts. I made sure I raised them high enough to repay my efforts. Yet low enough for people to still buy them :)


Now it’s your turn. What money resentments do you have…that you could let go of?


*Blog post inspired by this question from Danielle LaPorte’s The Burning Questions Series.

2012, May 15

Walk down a corridor of salt with me?

Have you ever been to a mine? How about a salt mine? We have quite a few of them here in Romania! (Want to visit?)

The Salt Mines of Turda, my latest travel article, is up over at Milliver’s Travels today, where I reminisce about my first trip to this salt mine from when I was in fourth grade and compare it to everything that is now new and renovated.

So, will you walk down a corridor of salt with me? ;)

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