Captured on camera: My time off work

I had a few weeks off from babysitting and tutoring. I call them my “regular” work, as these are the ones which get me out of the house every afternoon.

During my weeks off, I still worked. I accepted a wedding favor order (you probably read about it on Twitter or FB). It took over two weeks of my time off and kept me in my kitchen casting/painting/stenciling heart shaped magnets for far longer than I had hoped for. All in all, it wasn’t worth the stress! But it was good, too.

I had the chance to see that I could in fact finish a one hundred hearts order in just under two weeks. It gave me the opportunity to raise prices a little bit, as well as swear I’d never ever accept another order as complicated as this one, on such short notice! Live and learn, right?

So now as I’m rushing to work this afternoon, here’s what my weeks off looked like.

Literally. ;)

First there was Easter.IMG_4884-1

I spent time with the Chef.

Tried new recipes.

Noticed bees being bees.

Worked on that wedding favor order.

Had a BBQ with friends.IMG_5329-1

Marveled at Spring.
spring flower sunset 2-1

Went for walks.

Tried something new off the Menu.IMG_4799-1

Read (and wrote) and relaxed for a bit.

Watched the sunset.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


7 Comments to “Captured on camera: My time off work”

  1. Looks like you had a lovely time during your little vacation! I love those egg “chicks”. :)

  2. Lovely! So what are those hearts made of?

    • Thanks. The hearts are made of plaster. And the stenciled-type deco on them as you could notice is made with a toothpick.
      Only takes about an hour each to be completely ready.

  3. Estrella, for what it’s worth the hearts are absolutely darling! I hope the bride and groom appreciate all the hard work you put into them. And how marvelous that you took the time to get those walks, and the sunset in. I could take a lesson from you…. :)

    • The bride and groom actually couldn’t care less… I’m trying not to take it personally.
      But thanks for telling me how much you like them, that means a lot!

      Oh, and yes, I also loved all the pretty sides of my weeks off.

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