I really liked Carolyn Rubenstein’s blog post on how things don’t have to be perfect. I immediately wanted to add to the list. But then I decided to set it aside, save the link, and take a stab at after a little while, when I no longer recall what Carolyn wrote.

Things may still coincide, but here’s my own list of what doesn’t need to be perfect in my life. Easy to keep in mind, harder to accept. But I’m working on it.


It doesn’t have to be perfect

… your dreams.

… your writing.

… your decisions.

… your love.

… your outfit.

… your advices.

… your pictures.

… your art.

… your thoughts.

… your feelings.

… your words.

… your relationships.

… your timing.

… your beauty.

… your days, your weeks, your years – your life.


What about you? What doesn’t need to be perfect in your life right now?

12 Responses to “Imperfections”

  1. you’ve summed up about everything :), I just hold to God’s perfect”ness” that I feel content.

  2. Great list, Estrella! I love that you made it from your own life, after having forgotten what the prompt said.

    Speaking of lists . . . I get frustrated with myself when my To-Do list ends up in a mess of priorities and I wish I would have made a better list. So that’s mine for today: My To-Do list doesn’t have to be perfect. (Good thing, too, because it never is. ;~)

  3. very true. We are human and what we do or what we drive does not define us. Accomplishment, status, beauty, power and approval are impermanent, and highly unlikely to define who we really are.

    Your list verifies your awareness of all the ways we can relax and not judge.

    emotions, judgments and attachments could flow through us. Things, situations and people can exist on their own without our participation.

    Try adopting a concept of no loss. life is just as it should be. We are perfect and no one can touch that space. We try our best then let results alone.

    • That is correct. I also like the idea of adopting a concept of no loss. Life is just as it should be. It’ll be hard to leave results alone, but I’m willing to try this out.

      • loss I have wrestled with my childhood abuse at times and experienced loss I thought. profound loss when I was helpless, vulnerable.

        Those are thoughts of a victim of C-PTSD, me at kne time. My abuse gave me character, forged a will that will never give up. When I healed that profound loss was like the thoughts, air. My opportunity was always the same.

        We have this moment then we move on to the next, without judgment or attachment. Judge something and you own it, defend it and give time to think about it.

        Yes it is natural for us to crave approval and avoid criticism or disapproval. Just think if emotions are I,permanent and if you do not engage an emotion it will fade. our emotions can change instantly and change back just as quick.

        The secret to life is to be here without thought, doubt or worry to experience all of this moment. We overlook miracles right before us. take a minute and stare at a flower. Know that after a minute you will be asked to draw in detail that flower. Contrast, color, intensity, stem, structure balance etc. Now as you focus intently, feel how in this moment you are.

        thought kind of stops and we try to visualize that flower in our minds eyed. The intense focus on the flower helps us lose ourselves below the ego or cognitive part of us. Try not judging say food for a while. Must eat and prepare a meal as the best with the ingredients at the time. Enjoy and bring awareness to the texture and tastes of the food. Stop thinking and feel. intuition is much closer to the true you than thought.


        • For me, Perfect or Imperfect does not exist. Things, people and life exist, they are so to speak. My judging them in any way does nothing for me but attaches me to that judgment. They can exist on their own and without my identifying with them let me have freedom.

          freedom is gained by accepting, letting go not battling or thinking. No guarantees with results but if we are present free of worry and doubt and try our best, that is close to happiness. Rick Hanson says that we have one with a million zeroes behind it for opportunities every minute at the cellular level. That means we can choose anything and be free and happy.

          Happiness comes with few desires. Impermanent things do not last. The best meal in the world only satisfies for a couple of hours. Desires bring needs and loss. I desire to here free of thought calm and relaxed.

  4. Great post Estrella. It took a long, long, long time for me to accept that everything about my life doesn’t have to be perfect. But once that acception came about, life got so much more fun to live! It’s all a matter of prespective.

    • A matter of perspective, that’s for sure. Thanks for the comment, Deanna, glad your life got so much more fun to live once you realized not everything needs to be perfect. I know that’ the case with me as well :)


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