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2012, May 25

Dear Friday, 25.May.2012

It’s nearly Saturday, and I have a few thoughts to share; longer than a tweet-sized letter this time.

booksOne of my favorite sights: Used-books stall in the heart of the city

The other day I overheard an elderly couple talking on the bus. I was standing next to them, waiting to arrive at the next bus stop so I could step off.
The man was telling the woman how today’s youth doesn’t read anymore. How he’d stay at home when he was a teenager and young man just so he could finish "just that last paragraph".

I can relate. I smiled.

He noticed, then asked me "Why are you smiling, miss?"
I answered that I wasn’t listening on purpose, but liked that he cares; and that some young people still read – like myself, I just finished book no. 12 for 2012; already started two other ones (no. 13 & 14).
He was impressed and told me to keep at it. I thank him, and said I will.
I saw him on the bus again today. We said hello and "talked books" like we were old friends.

I love how books can bring people of all ages together!


What are you reading today? (Optional: How manieth book for 2012?)

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