Dear Friday, 25.May.2012

It’s nearly Saturday, and I have a few thoughts to share; longer than a tweet-sized letter this time.

booksOne of my favorite sights: Used-books stall in the heart of the city

The other day I overheard an elderly couple talking on the bus. I was standing next to them, waiting to arrive at the next bus stop so I could step off.
The man was telling the woman how today’s youth doesn’t read anymore. How he’d stay at home when he was a teenager and young man just so he could finish "just that last paragraph".

I can relate. I smiled.

He noticed, then asked me "Why are you smiling, miss?"
I answered that I wasn’t listening on purpose, but liked that he cares; and that some young people still read – like myself, I just finished book no. 12 for 2012; already started two other ones (no. 13 & 14).
He was impressed and told me to keep at it. I thank him, and said I will.
I saw him on the bus again today. We said hello and "talked books" like we were old friends.

I love how books can bring people of all ages together!


What are you reading today? (Optional: How manieth book for 2012?)

13 Comments to “Dear Friday, 25.May.2012”

  1. Connections between people are good, and connections because of books even better. I also like how, sometimes, we can go to a brief exchange to talking “like we were old friends” in no time at all. Enjoy your new book buddy, Estrella.

    I’m currently working on re-reading Doris Lessing’s “Shikasta” from her “Canopus in Argos” series. I read it, and the others in the series, years (decades? oh dear) ago. It’s good to re-visit.

    As to the number this year? I’ve just checked my Kindle. The number seems to be around a dozen so far, Ms. Lessing included. There are one or two hardcopy poetry books I’m dipping into from time to time along the way, but not read cover to cover.

    • That is so true, connections because of books and/or writing are so much better :)

      It’s always nice to revisit books, gives us a chance to rediscover them and go “how did I miss this the first time around?”
      I haven’t heard of this series before, will have to check it out. (My secret reason behind asking what everyone is reading.)

  2. That, of course, should be “…go from a brief…” rather than “…go to a brief…”. Apologies. I need to work on my editing skills. :-}

  3. I’m currently reading book 2 in a trilogy by Kevin Crossley-Holland. It’s called At the Crossing Places. (Book 1 was The Seeing Stone.) I love anything about the times of King Arthur and Crossley-Holland has a great voice for it.

  4. Books are wonderful and amazing – they can do so much for us and keep us company in all different sorts of times… I’ve just finished reading Liquid Modernity which was a hard read, but am looking forward to something a bit lighter for the rest of the week… So – I’m between books (although I’m in the middle of quite a few) – but hopefully I’ll start something good tomorrow! :D

    • Books are exactly that, Trisha, thanks!
      I heard of Liquid Modernity before, and see that I figured right, not an easy read. I’ll have to set aside some reading time before checking it out.

  5. That was delightful. Yes, a good read can bring us together and you have portrayed it in excellent fashion.

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