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2012, June 1

A Month of Love Letters Left Behind

Very much inspired by the “A Love Letter a Day” articles on MoreLoveLetters, I have decided to take June and make it my month of leaving love letters behind – every single day.

I’ve equipped my handbag with pens and some pretty stationery to have with me at all times. Starting today, I will write love letters (even on the spot, if so inspired), and leave them behind in various locations in my city.

They won’t be long. Only a few sentences. Or sometimes more than that. But no matter the word count, I think they might bring smiles to people’s faces. They might encourage them. And they might make people more aware of the present moment and how, in spite of hardships, life is wonderful!

Every Friday, I will share them with you, too.


Above is a sneak peek of my first love letter. I wrote it this morning, and will leave it behind on my way to/or from work today.

Hope you all have a fabulous, love-filled Friday! ;)

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