Estrella Azul, Featured Poet

My week started out quite badly. It continued in the same manner. Though it’s only Wednesday, I’m somehow having the worst week of 2012 so far. (You guys, dear friends have been very supportive and wonderful – thank you! It helps.)

However, last night I came home to see myself featured on Dani Harris’s My Heart’s Love Songs, as part of her Featured Poets Series.

Dani’s description of me includes “she lives in Kolozsvár/Cluj-Napoca, Romania  but could truly be the girl next door in any country ~  as long as that girl is a young woman bursting with talent and creativity and sweetness. […] Estrella is one of  the most charming people you will ever meet.”

Well what can I say, except that Dani’s kind words about me and our friendship have turned my week around!

Thank you, Dani!


6 Comments to “Estrella Azul, Featured Poet”

  1. it was my honor to be able to feature a little of your wonderful creativity, Estrella. ♥ i treasure your friendship {three+ years now, i think} and every word i said about you is the truth, sweetheart! you are all that and so much more! ♥

  2. Congrats, your work is just lovely!

  3. I read your poems before, and they’re wonderful. Congratulations on being featured!

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