Love Lettering My World – Week Two

I have to disclose at the very beginning (in case you haven’t noticed from my previous posts here) that this was so not my week. It was tough and depressing and just plain annoying.

However, I can see how much love lettering my world has helped with balancing my mood throughout the week.

I searched for words which touched my heart. Quotes which lifted my spirits. And they helped. A lot.
I just hope they also helped turn around someone else’s week as well!

You can take a look at and read my love letters in my guest post on
You can also find them in this Facebook album, and below is the list of places where I’ve left them behind.


– At the administrative offices of Házsongard Cemetery

– For the teachers at the kindergarten

– On the playground (because I babysit = spend a lot of my afternoons on playgrounds)

– On a park bench

– On someone’s garage door

– In someone’s parking spot

– In a handbag I looked at, at a thrift store

Hope you all have a fabulous, love-filled Friday! ;)


PS: Can’t view my photos on Facebook? We should be friends there as well ;)


8 Comments to “Love Lettering My World – Week Two”

  1. What an awesome idea to leave letters behind for others to find. And at the cemetery – I’m sure they liked finding that!

    • Thanks. I was headed to the cemetery, but kept putting it off as it was raining nearly every afternoon. It gave me the chance to write a love letter to leave behind though, and it’s one of my favorite places where I’ve left a love letter behind so far.

  2. Thanks for doing this. The world does seem to need more love letters and you leaving some behind in your little corner of it is so beautiful and selfless of you.

  3. What a lovely idea!

  4. Very cool and very sweet of you…

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