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2012, June 20

Upcycling – Cute Planters (1)

Let’s throw some ideas around.

Say you have some mugs you hardly ever use anymore. Ones you don’t like anymore. Or say you have cups which have slight beauty issues (the rim is chipped, paint rubbed off, hairline cracks, etc.).

You could throw them out.

BUT you could also find another use for them!

Like popping a potted plant in them. Chances are, you’ll never be able to tell they’re chipped, or “unwanted”. You won’t have to worry about adding too much water which could spill out from their plant saucers.

If they have a hairline crack, then just add the cup’s saucer too. That will look even cuter!

Place them on a window sill, a shelf, on the kitchen counter or dining room table.




See? Easy peasy ;)

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