Upcycling – Cute Planters (1)

Let’s throw some ideas around.

Say you have some mugs you hardly ever use anymore. Ones you don’t like anymore. Or say you have cups which have slight beauty issues (the rim is chipped, paint rubbed off, hairline cracks, etc.).

You could throw them out.

BUT you could also find another use for them!

Like popping a potted plant in them. Chances are, you’ll never be able to tell they’re chipped, or “unwanted”. You won’t have to worry about adding too much water which could spill out from their plant saucers.

If they have a hairline crack, then just add the cup’s saucer too. That will look even cuter!

Place them on a window sill, a shelf, on the kitchen counter or dining room table.




See? Easy peasy ;)

12 Responses to “Upcycling – Cute Planters (1)”

  1. Oh, those are so cute. Thanks for the idea, I have a few smaller pots which would fit perfectly in some mugs I never use anymore!

  2. Love your mugs, especially the hand painted one on the right there. They look cute with the plants in them, I’ll go see what kind of mugs my mom doesn’t use :)

    • Thanks. That mug was hand painted by a nearly 90 year old artist for me, when I was around 6-7. Its rim got chipped, so I never drank from it anymore, but it gets along wonderfully with my plant ;)

  3. This is great, Estrella. I’ve used “overly loved” mugs for colorful pen and pencil holders but had not thought about putting small potted plants in them. And OMG, I’m so glad you found a pretty use for the one painted for you when your were six or seven. That one totally deserves longevity!

    • I used my mugs as pen and pencil holders as well, and thought of this by chance when I bought the ivy and was searching for a saucer ;)
      And glad you like the painted cup as much as I do, it’s a treasure, really!

  4. Love this idea. Would look great on a kitchen window ledge with herbs in them.

  5. These look great, we always have mugs and stuff we don’t use anymore.


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