Love Lettering My World – Week Three

Life seems busy. Increasingly so. It was nice to document my week through the love letters I left behind, each one a little moment of my day. A little moment when I was fully present while writing and leaving the love letter behind. A little moment when I allowed myself to fully experience what ever I was feeling and wrote my letter accordingly. Searched for quotes accordingly.

I hope the love letters I left behind have/or will find the exact person who needed to read them.

You can take a look at and read my love letters in my guest post on
You can also find them in this Facebook album, and below is the list of places where I’ve left them behind.


– In a bush :)

– In a consignment shop

– On a billboard

– In someone’s bicycle basket

– On a window sill

– On someone’s front door

– On a car’s windshield wiper


Hope you all have a fabulous, love-filled Friday! ;)


PS: Can’t view my photos on Facebook? We should be friends there as well ;)

8 Comments to “Love Lettering My World – Week Three”

  1. You seem like such a lovely person to be around if you’re leaving love letters for perfect strangers to find!

  2. It’s awesome to visit your blog and see all this loveliness!

  3. I once found a lovely “happy day” type sentence on a dollar bill. It was sweet. You are leaving behind actual letters which is even sweeter!

  4. You inspire me. I left a love letter today at the dentist’s. I think many people could use a smile when there ;)

    • Glad to have inspired you. And that is an excellent idea, leaving a love letter at the dentist’s. I know I can always use smiles when I’m there! Good thinking! :)

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